December Product News

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December Product News
Airmaster Introduces Energy-Saving Aerator

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Wastequip Introduces Compactor

The Super Energy Efficient, 4-yard, self-contained compactor from Wastequip holds up to 24 bags of trash. Powered by the Super E Series cool running motor, the compactor features a real-time monitor that enables operators to see what is in the charge box or chute. The control system offers additional safety features, including dual Watch Dog timers that prevent unintended continuous operation along with an automatic maintenance scheduler (AMS) to alert operators when routine maintenance is due. 877/468-9278;


Newson Gale Offers Area Grounding System

The Earth-Rite TELLUS II hazardous area static grounding system from Newson Gale Inc. provides constantly verified static ground monitoring for drums, IBCs and other mobile or portable equipment during hazardous area operations. The system is suitable for use in the handling, transporting or mixing of combustible products, liquid or dry. A green flashing LED confirms a positive connection to ground and provides a pair of output contacts for interlock with pumps, valves or other control or alarm devices. 732/961-7610;


KSB Introduces Amarex Submersible Pump

The Amarex N submersible pump from KSB is available in eight models to fit a variety of wastewater and sludge treatment applications, including fluids containing long fibers and solid substances, fluids containing gas/air, raw, activated or digested sludge, drainage or water extraction. Grinder pumps with a 2-inch discharge feature an S-type impeller to macerate and grind solids, while Vortex pumps feature an F-type impeller with discharge sizes ranging from 2 to 4 inches. 804/222-1818;


Hayward Introduces Electric Actuators

EPZ series industrial electric actuators from Hayward Flow Control are available in two sizes. The EPZ-6 has a torque output of 55 in-lb/6 Nm and the EPZ-15 has an output of 135 in-lb/15 Nm. Both sizes are nonspring return with NEMA 4/4X enclosures and ISO5211 F03/F05 mounting patterns. Other features include on/off jog control, aluminum dry powder coated housing, therma Class F motor protection, manual override and additional power supply flexibility (24 VAC, 120 VAC or 230 VA). 888/429-4635;


ROTEX Introduces Blinding Control System

The ULTRASONEX blinding control system from ROTEX Global minimizes mesh blinding and bridging when screening difficult or sticky materials. Using ultrasonic frequency, the system enables powders to pass through screens, providing higher throughput, finer screen separation and longer mesh life. Available in 110 or 220 volts with touch-panel controls, the system is ATEX approved for use within potentially explosive gaseous or industry environments. 513/541-1236;


Detcon Offers Wireless Transceiver

The Model RXT-300 SmartWireless transceiver from Detcon offers network stability, security and reliability. Using direct sequence spread spectrum, every device in the network is capable of functioning as a router and repeater for all other devices in the network. Subscribers can “hop” through neighboring devices and route around congestion and RF line-of-sight obstacles to communicate. The RXT-300 operates at 2.4 GHz and is able to transmit signal data from 4-20 mA DC or serial Modbus inputs. 888/367-4286;


Dust Control Introduces Long-Throw Evaporator

The DBE-1000 long-throw evaporator from Dust Control Technology is designed to dissipate excess water in large areas. The unit features Teflon spiral nozzles for efficient droplet dispersal, minimal fouling and clogging. It can launch mist up to 200 feet and achieve evaporation rates up to 75 percent, with averages of 25 to 65 percent. Standard configuration includes a 25 hp motor wired for three-phase, 480-volt, 60-cycle service or three-phase, 400-volt, 50-cycle power. The stainless steel manifold is designed for a flow rate of 66 gpm and water pressure of 100 psi. 800/707-2204;


McCrometer Introduces Mc Propeller Flowmeter

Mc Propeller flowmeters from McCrometer feature UltraShield technology bearing assemblies for added protection against sand, grit and debris. The meters include a lid spring and optional canopy boot or digital register designed to protect against water intrusion and harsh operating conditions. 800/220-2279;


ITW Offers Wearing Compound

DFense Blok Quick Patch bead-filled wear and abrasion epoxy from ITW Devcon is formulated for emergency repairs to processing equipment, even in severe conditions. With a working time of four minutes and 30-minute cure time, the patch can repair holes, leaks and cracks, as well as protect against wear, abrasion and corrosion. The nonsagging alumina ceramic bead-filled epoxy can be used at thicknesses up to 1 inch on vertical surfaces and 3/4 inch on overhead surfaces. Available in a 1-pound container, it can be used for repairing, rebuilding and protecting slurry pumps, pipe elbows, scrubbers, pulverizers, cyclones, fan blades, screw conveyors, chutes and hoppers. 800/933-8266;


Gore Introduces High-Resilience Tubing

STA-PURE Style 400 pump tubing from W.L. Gore & Associates features a VITON fluoroelastomer composite with reinforcement technology, enabling the tube to last more than 50 times longer than standard peristaltic pump tubing. Designed for use in high-pressure and solvent-based dosing applications, the tubing can operate at burst pressures in excess of 300 psi, continuous pressures up to 60 psi and intermittent pressures up to 100 psi. 410/392-4100;


Environetics Offers Custom Tank Covers

Defender tank covers from Environetics Inc. are custom manufactured from industrial grade materials to fit the profile of new or existing wastewater treatment or potable water tanks. The odor-control covers contain volatile organic compounds, while the low-profile, structurally supported covers minimize emission treatment volume to reduce the cost of air filtration equipment. 815/838-8331;


Patterson Offers Pump Leveling Device

The laser large coordinate measuring device from Patterson Pump Co. is designed for the installation and final alignment of heavy-duty centrifugal pumps, pump basins, discharge heads, motor stands and gear stands. The laser tracking device enables technicians to lock in coordinate positions on the baseplate with the centerline of the piping to ensure level positioning. 706/886-2101;


SEL Introduces Flexible PLC System

The SEL-2240 Axion control system from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc. provides a high-density, highly configurable modular RTU and programmable logic controller (PLC) system. Users can build a system with up to six units, or nodes, connected in a network using EtherCAT protocol. Each node can accommodate 10 modules, including a processor module, one or two power supplies and a user-determined mix of input/output modules. 509/332-1890;


Endress+Hauser Introduces Two-Wire Flowmeter

The Promass E 200 Coriolis flowmeter from Endress+Hauser features two-wire 4-20 mA HART technology with full 16 mA of measurement span without the need for excess adapters, power supplies or barriers. The meter can be used with DCS, PAS, PLC and other remotely operated control system. It simultaneously measures mass flow, fluid density and temperature. 888/363-7377;


Larson Introduces LED with Magnet Mount

The Magnalight LED 10W-6R-HT light from Larson Electronics LLC features a combined handle and magnetic mounting system. The light produces 5,400 lumens and is capable of throwing a light beam over 600 feet in length, yet uses half the electrical power of a comparable incandescent lamp. Designed for rugged usage, the light can run on any voltage from 9 to 50 VDC. 800/369-6671;


Airmaster Introduces Energy-Saving Aerator

The Turbo X-Treme aerator from Airmaster Aerator is designed to provide maximum aeration while using minimal energy. Powered by a 25 hp motor, the aerator features a turbo blower for high-capacity water movement with maximum aeration and mixing in the discharge manifold. Made of stainless steel, the aerator is built for long-term operation. 888/813-3680;


Rig-A-Lite Introduces Emergency Lighting Fixtures

The HLEL series of emergency lighting fixtures from Rig-A-Lite feature a fiberglass-reinforced gray polyester housing for use in hazardous indoor environments, including oil and gas production and wastewater treatment plants. The lights are available with tungsten or halogen PAR 36 lamp heads in multiple wattages with an optional shatter-resistant shield. 713/943-0340;


Phoenix Contact Offers Industrial PC

The VL BPC MINI embedded box PC from Phoenix Contact has an operating range of -40 to 149 degrees F. The Valueline Mini BPC family features a fanless design in a compact, DIN rail-mountable package. The line is based on specially selected Intel Atom CPUs that consume less energy and produce less heat. The wide temperature model uses the Intel Atom Z510PT processor (1.1 GHz). Interfaces include six USB 2.0 ports, one VGA port and one RS232/422/485 port. 800/888-7388;


Koch Introduces MBR Filtration Module

The PURON PSH1800 membrane bioreactor filtration module from Koch Membrane Systems Inc. features central aeration and a single header design that deliver 1,800 square meters in a 1.75-meter by 2.42-meter footprint. 888/677-5624;


SolarBee Introduces Grid-Powered Mixers

Grid-powered wastewater mixers from SolarBee Inc. provide thorough mixing in partial- and total-mix systems and activated sludge basins with available utility power. Four GF models are available, providing a choice of single- or three-phase power and a choice of intake designs and mixing capacity. GF 5000 models provide mixing capacity up to 5,000 gpm with a j-hook intake design for maximum adjustment in fluctuating water levels. GF 10000 models are designed for applications with mixing requirements up to 10,000 gpm and have a straight intake design. Multiple units can be placed to meet capacity needs. 866/437-8076;


Neptune Introduces Series F Mixers

Series F Mixers from Neptune Mixer Co., a division of Neptune Chemical Pump Co., can be inserted into the 2-inch bung of a standard 55-gallon steel drum and clamped to the drum lip for mixing water-like solutions. Features include a folding propeller that can be inserted into the bung and opens to a diameter of 3 3/4 inches with a mixing speed of 1,750 rpms. Mixers are available in four models with 1/4 to 1/2 hp ratings. 215/699-8700;


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