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October Product News
Bilco Offers Aluminum Floor Access Door

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Conery Mfg. Introduces Base Elbow

The BERS-0800 8-inch base elbow from Conery Mfg. is designed for pumps weighing up to 4,000 lbs. Features include an ANSI flanged discharge and pullout. A 6-inch pullout flange and nonsparking design with bronze pullout is available. Guide pins are designed to accept 2- or 3-inch rails. 419/289-1444; www.conerymfg.com.


ECHO Introduces Air Transducer Ultrasonic Transmitter

The Air Transducer ultrasonic level transmitter from ECHO Process Instrumentation Inc. is designed for noncontact level measurement and Duplex pump control. It features ultrasonic technology and a microprocessor chip for level measurements within plus/minus 1 mm, PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) transducer and 3-degree effective beam angle. The 3m and 10m range versions come with two SPDT (single pole double throw) relays, RS485 Modbus, 4-20 mA output and 9-36 V DC power supply. 850/609-1300; www.echopi.com.


Bilco Offers Aluminum Floor Access Door

Type J-AL aluminum access doors from The Bilco Co. are available with stainless steel hardware for enhanced corrosion resistance. Available in single- or double-leaf design and reinforced for 300 psf or H2O loading conditions, the door provides access to underground areas, including water and wastewater treatment facilities, pump stations, commercial and institutional buildings and public utilities. The channel frame design and built-in drain coupling allow the door to be used in applications where water penetration into the opening is a concern. 203/934-6363; www.bilco.com.


Fluid Dynamics Offers Polymer Feed System

The dynaBLEND liquid polymer dilution/feed system from Fluid Dynamics is designed to activate all types of liquid polymers for wastewater processes. The system features a non-mechanical mixing chamber and injection check valve for easy disassembly and inspection. 888/363-7886; www.dynablend.com.


Devcon Offers DFense Blok Abrasion Protection

DFense Blok wearing compound from ITW Devcon is an alumina ceramic bead-filled epoxy compound that, when used with DFense Blok Surface Wetting Agent, increases drop impact strength. It can be used in the repair, rebuilding and protection of pipe elbows, scrubbers, ash handling systems, cyclones, fan blades, pump boxes, float cells, screw conveyors, augers and other abrasion applications. Available in 30-pound pails, the product is mixed 2:1 and has a working time of 25 minutes at room temperature. A nonsagging compound, it can be applied by trowel at a thickness of 3/4 inch on vertical surfaces and 1/2 inch on overhead surfaces. It achieves functional cure in 4-5 hours and can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees F. 800/933-8266; www.devcon.com.


Hach Introduces miniLab Pocket pH Meter

The miniLab pocket pH meter from Hach Co. is designed to produce stable readings from small samples in seconds. A member of the H-Series family, the meter uses ion-sensitive field-effect transistor (ISFET) technology to detect pH and stores dry, requiring no filling solution. The meter is available in three models with variations in calibration, display and resolution. 800/227-4224; www.hach.com/minilab.


Campbell Scientific Introduces Dual-Turbidity Probe

The OBS500 dual-turbidity probe with CleanSensor antifouling from Campbell Scientific combines a backscatter sensor with a second sidescatter sensor and multiple antifouling methods for measurements in biologically active water. The CleanSensor uses a shutter/wiper mechanism to protect and clean the optics. The device includes a chamber filled with a biocide that continuously leaches out over the optics while the probe is in the closed position. 435/227-9000; www.campbellsci.com.


Chemineer Introduces Agitators with Swing Out Seal

The Model 20 HT/GT agitator from Chemineer features a high-efficiency gearbox with helical gearing, parallel shaft configuration and swing out seal change design for easy maintenance. To replace the seal, the user rotates the gearbox 90 degrees around the pivot pin, opening the top of the seal pedestal for removal of the coupling half and seal assembly. The agitator’s modular design reduces the number of replacement parts needed and is made to meet AGMA, OSHA, ANSI, IEC, DIN, EU and ATEX standards and requirements. A variety of seal options are available. 937/454-3200; www.chemineer.com.


Opto 22 Introduces Thermocouple

The SNAP-AITM-4i thermocouple and millivolt input module from Opto 22 is designed for temperature monitoring and data acquisition. The module accepts up to four inputs from a range of thermocouples. Channel inputs are individually configurable and channel-to-channel isolated. 951/695-3000; www.opto22.com.


Meltric Introduces Series Plug, Receptacle Line

The DSDC Series of plugs and receptacles from Meltric Corp. are made for direct current applications of 200 amps at 250 volts DC, up to 100 amps at 600 volts DC or up to 30 amps at 750 volts DC. Safety features include dead-front shutter that prevents the user from access to live parts and a padlockable pawl for easy locking in the connected or disconnected mode. 800/433-7642; www.meltric.com.


Sensorex Introduces eXact Photometer

The FCLA 7000 eXact photometer from Sensorex provides field spot testing as well as fixed sensor calibration support for the Sensorex FCL400 Series free chlorine sensor and CLD400 Series chlorine dioxide sensor. The photometer is EPA-compliant for regulatory testing and carries the CE mark. It comes with 1,000 test strips to perform free chlorine tests at 0-6 ppm. It also can use HR strips to test from 6 to 11 ppm or an additional glycine strip to bind chlorine for chlorine dioxide measurement. 714/895-4344; www.sensorex.com.


Metalfab Introduces Bulk Bag Dump Hopper

The bulk bag dump hopper from Metalfab Inc. features a smaller plant footprint with resized, more efficient bin vent filter than previous models, providing a virtually dust-free way to dump and fill a process system with material received in paper bags. The design incorporates a baffle and bin vent, which can be attached to a central dust collector, or optional bin vent filter over the dump area to maintain a dust-free environment. The unit has a hinged door to keep foreign materials from falling into process material when not in use and expanded metal grid to prevent bag pieces from getting into the system. 800/764-2999; www.metalfabinc.com.


Newson Gale Introduces Cable Reel

The VESM02 cable reel from Newson Gale Inc. provides secure static ground protection for difficult field applications, such as tanker trucks and mobile tanks or drums. The self-retracting reels are housed in durable, lightweight steel with powder-coated finish, suitable for use outdoors or indoors, per NEMA 4/IP56/ingress protection. The reel has 50 feet of Cen-Stat Static-Dissipative Hytrel protected cable with adjustable stop ball. 732/987-7715; www.newson-gale.com.


ECD Offers Online Phosphate Analyzer

The CA-6 online analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices uses colorimetric analysis to measure phosphate and total phosphate levels. The analyzer is available in models that measure phosphate at 0-5 mg/l, 0-50 mg/l or 0-200 mg/l and total phosphate at 0-2 mg/l or 0-100 mg/l. Weighing less than 40 pounds, the analyzer can be wall mounted or set on a bench using the optional Bench Top Stand. 800/729-1333; www.ecdi.com.


Schneider Electric Introduces Variable-Speed Drives

The Altivar 212 variable-speed drive and the S-Flex enclosed version from Schneider Electric are designed for pump and fan applications. The AC drives adjust motor speed to the required flow of air or fluids, reducing stress on belts, piping and ductwork. 847/397-2600; www.schneider-electric.us.


Ludeca Offers Self-Leveling System

The Levalign Expert self-leveling system from LUDECA INC. measures the flatness and straightness of machine bases and foundations, split machine casings, as well as flatness and parallelism of circular, rectangular and odd-shaped flanges. The system consists of a self-leveling motorized rotating laser and sensor that interface wirelessly with a dedicated geometric measurement computer. The surface profile of the measured component is displayed in 3-D graphics. Features include InfiniSplice that allows for the merging of measurement files and the freedom of repositioning the rotating laser to another location during measurement to bypass obstructions to line-of-sight and measure complex-shaped surfaces. 305/591-8935; www.ludeca.com.


Neptune Offers Series 500 Pumps

Series 500 pumps from Neptune Chemical Pump Co. feature a Variable Oil By-Pass stroke adjustment, allowing the valve checks extra time to seat, even in heavy liquids. Other features include the ability to be adjustable from 10 to 100 percent of capacity via the micrometer dial and EZE-CLEAN valve cartridges that can be removed for cleaning without disturbing piping to the pump. The pumps can deliver up to 80 gph simplex and 160 gph duplex at pressures up to 3,000 psi. 215/699-8700; www.neptune1.com.


Oldham Introduces Gas Detection Transmitter

The OLCT 200 fixed gas detection transmitter from Oldham is designed for use with multiple gas detection technologies, including electrochemical, catalytic bead, infrared and photoionization detection sensors. The unit can simultaneously display two different gases. It can be configured for two-wire and three-wire 4-20 mA analog output, Modbus RTU digital output, HART communication and wireless communication. Optional onboard programmable relays can be configured with either a painted aluminum or stainless steel explosion-proof housing, or a cold-climate heater. 800/338-3287; www.oldhamgas.com.


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