September Product News

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September Product News
Airmaster Introduces Turbo X-Treme Aerator

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Larox Offers Air Release/Vacuum Valve

The air/vacuum valve from Larox Flowsys Inc. automatically exhausts large volumes of air from the system while it is being filled with slurry. Air displaces the fluid and re-enters the pipeline to equalize pressure when the contamination is being emptied, preventing discharge of the medium. When the system is filled and operating, fluid lifts the ball until it closes the orifice, which remains closed until the system is emptied. Air may enter the valve and displace the fluid while the system is operating, but the internal pressure will keep the valve tightly shut. The valve will not re-open until system pressure drops to near atmospheric and the ball is no longer buoyant. Sizes range from 2 to 8 inches in diameter with pressures of 240, 365, 600 and 1,500 psig. 410/636-2250;


Torrey Pines Introduces Digital Hot Plate

The HP40A EcoTherm programmable digital hot plate with milled-flat cast aluminum top from Torrey Pines Scientific Inc. is designed for precisely heating solids such as silicon wafers, electronic chips, displays, adhesives and for doing photo-resists. Programming is done through the front panel membrane switch and full-functioned custom liquid crystal display. The unit can store 10 programs with 10 steps each (temperature, temperature ramp rate, time). Each program can be made to repeat automatically. The plate surface can be evenly heated from ambient to 752 degrees F (400° C) in less than 10 minutes. 866/573-9104; www.torrey


HEMCO Introduces LE Fume Hood

The UL 1805 classified LE low-flow, constant-volume fume hood from HEMCO Corp. is available in 3-, 4-, 5-, 6- and 8-foot widths. The hood features a unitized superstructure with nonmetallic, dual-wall construction for chemical resistance, strength and durability. The integral, one-piece fume chamber is glass smooth with covered corners. The VaraFlow baffle system directs air through the fume chamber and through the exhaust outlet with minimum turbulence and maximum airflow efficiency. 800/779-4362;


Sheldon Introduces Thermoelectric-Cooled Incubator

The SHEL LAB Model LI20P thermoelectric-cooled incubator from Sheldon Manufacturing Inc. is designed for low-temperature applications, eliminating the need for a refrigeration compressor. The unit can hold up to 300 BOD bottles and features a heavy-duty shelving system that can hold up to 75 pounds per shelf. 800/322-4897;


Airmaster Introduces Turbo X-Treme Aerator

The Turbo X-Treme high-efficiency, floating/surface aerator from Airmaster Aerator is powered by a 25-hp motor. Made of stainless steel, it features a turbo blower for high-capacity water movement and maximum aeration and mixing. 888/813-3680;


Yaskawa Introduces A1000 Variable-Speed Drive

The A1000 variable-speed drive from Yaskawa America Inc. is compatible with interior and surface permanent magnet motors. The drive is available in 200-240 VAC three-phase 50/60 Hz (up to 175 hp), 380-480 VAC three-phase 50/60 Hz (up to 1,000 hp) and 500-600 VAC three-phase 50/60 Hz (up to 250 hp) ratings. Features include multilanguage LCD display, parameter storage, application presets and a portable USB copy unit. DriveWizard software delivers configuration, monitoring and tending functions enhanced by direct connectivity through the unit’s USB port. 800/927-5292;


Dust Control Technology Introduces DriBoss Line

The DriBoss line of wastewater evaporation equipment from Dust Control Technology includes ancillary components such as pumps, valves, controls, sensor and automation — all designed to withstand caustic and corrosive environments. The product line ranges from site analysis to remote-operated and computer-controlled systems, including weather stations and customized software. 800/707-2204;


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