Pumps, Drives, Valves and Blowers

Pumps, Drives, Valves and Blowers
HST line of compressors from ABS

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Hybrid compressor

Delta Hybrid oil-free rotary lobe compressor packages from Aerzen USA Corp. combine rotary lobe blowers with screw compressor technologies for flows of 65 to 2,400 cfm/22 psi or 21 inches Hg in air and neutral gas applications. Low-pressure (3 to 5 psi) units use a 3+3 twisted rotor (supercharger) profile, while a 3+4 compressor rotor profile is used for pressures up to 22 psi. The compressor is matched to the required pressure range for optimum efficiency and energy savings. 610/380-0244; www.aerzenusa.com.


Turbo blowers

Compact, energy-efficient, high-speed Turbo blowers from APG-Neuros combine aeronautic compressors, bump foil air bearings, and permanent magnet synchronous motors with built-in variable-speed drives and programmable logic controllers to attain flows of 20,000 cfm/15 psi and discharge pressures of 42 psi.

Oil-free, non-contact air bearings need no lubrication or maintenance, reducing operating costs up to 40 percent. The 30 to 700 hp motors transfer electromotive force to the load rather than windings and slip rings with no physical contact between stator and shaft, offering high-precision speed control.

Dual Core models from 400 to 700 hp combine two cores within the same enclosure, providing 3,000 and 17,000 cfm with a turndown rate of 76 percent. Integrated glycol cooling systems offer higher performance and durability. Units require no external water supply, run at 80 decibels, and experience minimum vibration. 866/592-9482; www.apg-neuros.com.


Screw blower

Independent testing of the ZS screw blower from Atlas Copco showed that it lowered energy costs by up to 30 percent. The oil-free positive displacement blower pairs male and female rotors. At the beginning of the compression cycle, air at the inlet fills the flute space. The air is continually compressed as the two parts mesh with each revolution, pushing the air through and out the discharge port. Because the air is compressed internally, the discharge volume is smaller than the suction volume and requires less energy. 866/472-1013; www.efficiencyblowers.com.


Low noise, compact design

Atlantic Blowers’ improved oil-free single- and double-stage regenerative blowers include high-temperature thermal protectors to prevent overloads, double-shielded stainless steel-sealed NSK/SKF/NSN bearings, and 50/60 Hz motors. Tighter tolerances between the impellers and housings increase flow and pressure efficiency.

The motor shaft-mounted impeller eliminates belts, couplings and gears. Lightweight cast-aluminum housings resist corrosion, while the shaft oil seals between the impeller and bearings protect against air contamination. 214/233-0280; www.atlanticblowers.com.


Pre-engineered stations

ReliaSource 6x6T aboveground lift station from Gorman-Rupp are 3 feet higher than the 6x6 to accommodate controls such as reduced-voltage solid-state starters and variable-frequency drives. The added space also eases access. The customizable packaged stations have two removable side panels and split doors on the pump suction and control sides. The bottom half opens and the upper gas-shocked and hinged door lifts overhead to serve as an awning. 419/755-1011; www.grpumps.com.


Metering pump

The NSF 61-listed ProSeries M4 peristaltic pump from Blue-White Industries has a pump tube assembly with size and material choices for most applications. Its self-loading design makes replacing tubes fast and trouble-free, while the tube failure detection system alerts operators when replacements are required.

Rated at up to 125 psi/158.5 gph, the pumps have a revolution counter with programmable alarm set point and 10,000:1 turndown ratio for low rotational speeds to enhance tube life and reliability. A one-piece junction box with a color-coded terminal block simplifies input and output connections. 714/893-8529; www.blue-white.com.


Medium-voltage drives

Ampgard SC 9000 medium-voltage adjustable-frequency drives from Eaton Corporation optimize energy usage by matching consumption to power requirements. The drives can gradually accelerate a pump or motor, extending equipment life. The compact unit is designed for applications that require variable power output.

The fully integrated drive includes an isolation switch, power fuses, main contactor, 24-pulse phase shifting and isolating transformer connected to three-level neutral-point-clamped voltage source inverter technology, using medium-voltage insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) power components.

A modular roll-in/roll-out inverter design reduces mean time to repair and maximizes uptime. The insulation system protects the inverter components from harsh environments while minimizing noise. 877/386-2273; www.eaton.com/sc9000.


Replacement stators

Long-lived replacement Alldur stators from the Colfax Fluid Handling Allweiler brand reduce downtime and increase maintenance intervals on progressive cavity pumps. The chemical composition in the units is matched to the liquid in the pumps, maximizing resistance to mechanical wear even in high-solids wastewater over extended periods. The units handle dynamic loads and have high-impact resilience, high-tensile strength, and high tear-growth resistance, and operate in a wide temperature range. 704/289-6511; www.colfaxcorp.com.


Bearing isolator

The SGi shaft grounding bearing isolator from Garlock protect bearings from electrical damage, lubricant loss and contamination. The maintenance-free unit combines a non-sparking bronze labyrinth seal and shaft grounding ring in one unit. It is suited for motors controlled by variable-frequency drives (VFDs) running pumps, fans, high-speed spindles, and other equipment in water and wastewater applications.

The device provides an IP56 non-contact isolation seal that withstands dust and jetting liquids. It withstands operating temperatures from -22 to 300 degrees F and is available for motor shaft sizes from 0.875 to 6 inches in flanged, flangeless, and custom configurations. 800/448-6688; www.garlock.com.


Positive displacement blowers

MB Series bi-lobe or ZG Series tri-lobe aeration blower packages from Eurus Blower are rated for 3,950 cfm/15 inches Hg. The low-vibration, low-noise units have integral-shaft ductile iron impellers, dual splash lubrication, oversized roller bearings, piston ring air seals, and viton lip seals.

Packages include a high-efficiency integrated intake filter-silencer with washable polyurethane filter media, combination base and heavy-duty integrated discharge silencer, V-belt drive and guard with automatic belt tensioning, and vibration dampers. 757/538-1717; www.eurusblower.com.


Diaphragm pumps

Bran+Luebbe NOVADOS pumps from SPX Flow Technology include leak-free hydraulically actuated double-diaphragm metering pumps and plunger pumps. They process flows from 3.4 ounces per hour to 2,642 gallons per hour at 1,450 psi. A positive diaphragm position control system ensures that the diaphragm cannot be damaged even under critical conditions such as blocked pipes or closed valves upstream or downstream. The system allows no obstructions in the pump chamber, making the pumps suitable for metering slurries. 800/252-5200; www.spxft.com.


Screw blower

The plug-and-play EE-PAC screw blower system from Universal Blower Pac is up to 40 percent more efficient than conventional positive displacement and multistage centrifugal blowers. The screw impellers have internal compression coupled with an electromechanical drive. Units will not surge and have a 5:1 turndown in airflow. An onboard control system enables automatic operation, maintenance scheduling, real-time power consumption, and airflow measurement. Standard models are rated at 3,100 cfm/20 psi, and custom models are available up to 500 hp. 317/773-7256; www.universalblowerpac.com.


PD pumps

Sludge-handling Double Disc positive displacement pumps from Penn Valley Pump Co. use a trunnion seal that eliminates mechanical seals or stuffing boxes. The design does not rely on close tolerances within the pump chamber to generate flow. That reduces wear and enables the pump to run dry without damage. A repair-in-place hinged housing allows complete servicing without disturbing the piping. 215/343-8750; www.pennvalley pump.com.


Efficient blowers

With flows from 300 to 12,000 cfm/18 psi, UBI-TurboMAX turbo blowers from United Blowers are 20 to 25 percent more efficient than positive displacement blowers and multistage centrifugal blowers over their entire 3:1 turndown range, according to the maker. Their efficiency is due to a high-speed motor, air bearings, and a powerful centrifugal compressor design. Models also have a one-third smaller footprint and weigh one-quarter less than standard blowers. Available from 50 to 500 hp, units require 5 to 10 percent of their full load amps to start, operate at 80 to 85 decibels, and do not require belts or lubricants. 800/849-4242; www.unitedblower.com.


Solenoid valve

The high-flow direct-mount NAMUR solenoid valve from Parker Fluid Control Division is designed to provide cost-effective solutions for general-purpose valve actuator applications, including water and sewage. The compact valve has a NAMUR mounting pattern and high-flow rates from 1.2 to 3.0 Cv. A spring return allows fail-safe operation in case of power loss, and a screened exhaust nut protects valve function during outdoor use. An O-ring seal design increases sealing force at higher pressures and offers less breakaway resistance at lower pressures.

The valve has an anodized aluminum body, a stainless steel spool, and brass internal parts. It operates at 30 to 150 psi and at fluid temperature ranging from 32 to 122 degrees F. 800/825-8305; www.parkerfluidcontrol.com.


High-pressure control valve

The HP-60 60,000 psi high-pressure control valve from Badger Meter is engineered for chemical applications. With 17-4 PH alloy (chromium-copper precipitation hardening stainless steel) and solid Stellite innervalve assembly, the valve withstands intense pressure and provides moderate corrosion resistance. It can be used for flow control and as a Class IV shutoff valve. 800/876-3837; www.badgermeter.com.


Sludge grinder

Inline Sludge Monster grinders from JWC Environmental fit 4-inch pipes and use an 8-inch cutter stack with dual shafts to shred rags and debris, protecting sludge pumps, heat exchangers, centrifuges and other dewatering equipment from clogging. The low-speed, high-torque design produces three times the torque and five times the cutting force of high-speed macerators, but uses 27 percent less energy. The grinder has a 2 hp gear motor, processes 274 gpm, and can be used in scum lines. Six flush ports also are available. 800/331-2277; www.jwce.com/sludge.


Check valves

Requiring no power source or maintenance, LarFlex check valves from Larox Flowsys control backpressure from abrasive, aggressive, corrosive, and other demanding slurry applications. Available in 1 to 90 inches, the valves will not rust, freeze, erode, or fatigue, and handle large obstructions without jamming. Their ribbed internal structure withstands heavy backflow, yet is sensitive enough to detect extremely low-cracking pressure. The elastomeric sleeves are high-grade rubber. 410/636-2250; www.larox.us.


Valveless pumps

Rotary lobe pumps from Boerger are valveless, self priming, positive displacement pumps that use a timing gear and steel, stainless steel, or Teflon rotors with no preferred direction. The maintenance-in-place design allows quick and convenient replacement of all fluid-wetted parts without removing the pipe or drive unit components. 612/435-7341; www.boerger.com.


Cavity pump

The 2000 Model G3 progressing cavity pump from Moyno handles semi-dry, high-solids or caked substances. It has a series of finger mechanisms mounted on two counter-rotating shafts. Positioned above the pump’s auger feed, a bridge breaker device prevents accumulation of material in the pump throat. It is independently driven for flexibility in controlling pump and bridge breaker speed. The pump can pass particles up to 1.5 inches and handle viscosities over 1 million cps. 800/486-6966; www.moyno.com.


pH control

The CTS chemical treatment pump from Fluid Metering delivers caustic soda and other pH-adjusting chemicals to distribution pipes to retard acidic damage. A single rotating, reciprocating ceramic valveless piston delivers 15 gallons/hour with 1 percent drift-free accuracy. Pumps, self-priming to 125 psi, come in 15.5- by 13.5- by 7-inch NEMA 4X wall-mount or standard enclosures weighing 14 pounds. Units operate on less than 100 watts. 800/223-3388; www.chloritrol.com.


Chopper pumps

Self-priming Chopper pumps from Vaughan Co. handle flows of 6,000 gpm. A high-efficiency impeller allows priming up to 24 feet, and the design eliminates plugging and the need for a comminutor or screens. 888/249-2467; www.chopperpumps.com.


Diaphragm Pump

The PTX301D diaphragm pump from Subaru has 3-inch suction and discharge ports and delivers up to 250 gpm at up to 21 psi. It has a maximum suction lift of 25 feet and a maximum lift head of 49 feet.

The design isolates the pump mechanism from the fluid, making it well suited for pumping abrasives, slurries, recirculated water and solids up to 2 inches. Because there are no moving parts, the pump can run dry indefinitely. The positive displacement-type, hermetically sealed compression chamber prevents loss of gases and liquids, while the large shock-reducing air cushion chamber decreases shock on the hoses. The pump is powered by a 7 hp Subaru EX21 overhead cam air-cooled four-cycle gasoline engine. 847/540-7300; www.subarupower.com.


Plug valves

Cam-Centric quarter-turn plug valves from Val-Matic Valve & Mfg. Corp. allow cost-effective, low-torque actuation for shutoff and throttling. The resilient-faced, fully encapsulated ductile iron molded plug, corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel shaft bearings, and welded overlay nickel seat assure a tight seal and long life. The concentric design eliminates the need for lift and turn actuation.

Features include Buna-N Grit-Guard seals that keep media from entering the upper and lower bearing journals, and V-type packing that is field adjustable and replaceable without removing the actuator. Designs including threaded, flanged, mechanical joint, 100 percent ported, 100 percent ported three-way, and high pressure. The valves are sized from 1/2 to 54 inches. 630/993-4056; www.valmatic.com.


Peristaltic pumps

Verderflex peristaltic hose and tube pumps from VerderGPM range from a few millimeters to 5 inches in diameter. Rated at 395 gpm/235 psi, Verderflex hose pumps have a close-coupled drive that simplifies maintenance and minimizes footprint. The hose construction adds fatigue strength for longer life, while the rigid pump housing disperses heat. A simple hose connection retains the hose entirely within the pump casing eliminating leaks.

Rated at 0.001 to 7.1 gpm/30 psi, the SMART series of peristaltic tube pumps incorporate low-friction rollers, enabling it to run dry, self-prime, and handle viscous or abrasive liquids. Each rotation displaces a constant amount for accurate dosing. The continuous tube requires no seals, making the pumps leak-free and hygienic. 877/783-7337; www.verdergpm.com.


Induction pump

The SWEET submersible effluent treatment package from Global Treat uses a pump and venturi to recirculate process water through the ejector, creating a vacuum that draws in chorine gas or sulfur dioxide. The process saves on water consumption and improves chemical efficiency. 800/370-4410; www.global treat.com.


Turbo compressors

The HST line of single-stage centrifugal high-speed turbo compressors from ABS were developed specifically for aeration applications. Power ratings range from 93 to 536 hp and airflows from 540 to 10,400 scfm. They include induction and permanent magnet motors for high overall efficiency. 800/525-7790; www.absgroup.com.


Horizontal-end pumps

Model CRN-H and CRE-H stainless steel horizontal-end suction pumps from Grundfos Pumps are made for washing and cleaning, water treatment and other applications. Both bolt directly into the piping and pump case footprint of a traditional ANSI pump. They are available with variable-speed functionality. 913/227-3400; www.grundfos.us.


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