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Hydrogen sulfide analyzer

Arizona Instrument’s Jerome J605 hydrogen sulfide analyzer has a resolution of 20 ppt and detects hydrogen sulfide vapor levels as low as 3 ppb. It is housed in a light and ergonomically designed case. The gold film sensor has been upgraded for longer life. The device has a larger display, onboard data logging, auto zeroing and battery-powered sensor regeneration. Communication options include USB communication, SCADA compatibility via 4-20 mA output, and menu-driven programming. Portable and fixed instrumentation are available. 800/528-7411; www.azic.com.


Compact system

The odor control system from Ozonology has a compact contact chamber for reacting ozone with hydrogen sulfide and other gases. The fiberglass contact chamber uses a gridwork of internal baffles to provide up to 30 seconds detention time. It is designed to be placed on a rooftop to conserve space or located on grade.

The unit neutralizes 5 ppm hydrogen sulfide drawn off coarse screens using ozone. Chambers are sized in relation to exhaust air volume and desired detention time, and ozone is injected via spargers in the incoming air supply duct. The ozone dosage is based on air volume and concentrations of hydrogen sulfide and other odor constituents. 866/998-8808; www.ozonology.com.


Lift station filter

The MT-50-Power T lift station filter from Simple Solutions is based on a 50-pound Mega T but has the added function of a vapor-phase absorber, incorporating a 100 cfm blower for active ventilation. It eliminates odors and drastically reduces acidic gases. The system has a 12.5-inch air plenum to reduce superficial velocity through the filter and even gas flow through the media bed.

The standard inlet is a 4-inch side inlet to allow for mounting the filter on the floor. Bottom inlets are available for mounting directly on the vent. The crossflow media bed allows fresh air to enter. The device works with the blower on or off. A saturation indicator monitors VOC breakthrough. 973/846-7817; www.stopsepticodor.com.


Oxygenation system

ECO2 SuperOxygenation Technology prevents formation of hydrogen sulfide by dissolving pure oxygen in wastewater to raise dissolved oxygen levels and maintain aerobic conditions in force mains, headworks and primary clarifiers. The technology can supplement DO in for DO and BOD discharge compliance. 317/706-6484; www.eco2tech.com.


Thermal oxidizer

Flameless RETOX dual-chamber regenerative thermal oxidizers from ADWEST Technologies provide 99 percent odor and VOC abatement. Units are provided in compact, skid-mounted, pre-piped and pre-wired modules in 1,000 cfm to 80,000 cfm flow rates. Operation generates no nitrous oxide byproducts during VOC combustion and oxidation. Low energy usage means no periodic carbon or catalyst replacement and maintenance. 714/632-9801; www.adwestusa.com.


Launder covers

NEFCO launder cover systems inhibit the growth of algae on the launder trough and weir surfaces by blocking sunlight. More than 80 percent of clarifier odors are produced when the effluent breaks over the weir, and covers contain them. The covers meet specified load requirements with generous safety factors and accommodate safety railings where necessary. They also help keep ice, snow and debris from the launders. 561/775-9303; www.nefcoinnovations.com.


Biodegradable additive

BIOBUG UL biodegradable additive for drains from Bio-Systems International coats drains and floats above the waste and organics to prevent odors from leaving. The user pours a small amount into the drain and replaces it when odors return. 800/232-2847; www.biobugs.com.


Collection system additive

Thioguard from Premier Magnesia is an environmentally friendly magnesium hydroxide additive for collection systems. It attacks the biological source of odors and corrosion by raising and maintaining pH at levels to hinder sulfate-reducing bacteria activity and the release of hydrogen sulfide gas. The same pH also prevents the coagulation of FOG, slowly dissolving it and making it more accessible to bacteria for digestion. As an alkalinity supplement, magnesium hydroxide enhances treatment, creating a more stable environment and improving biological, chemical and physical reduction of BOD, TSS, nitrogen and phosphorus. 610/420-7500; www.thioguard.com.


Closed-vessel UV reactor

The Spektron Series closed-vessel UV reactor from ITT Water & Wastewater combines energy-efficient UV lamps and optimized hydraulic conditions for disinfection. It uses a calibrated UV intensity monitoring system and is simple to operate and maintain. Other advantages include very low headloss and no harmful byproducts. The system uses WEDECO Spektrotherm lamps powered by the latest electronic ballast. The lamps operate continuously even at varying water temperatures. 704/409-9700; www.wedeco.com/us.


Odor control agent

The DAZZeL De-Sulph-A-Nator from Team Aquafix is a reactive odor control agent that encapsulates odorous sulfides and mercaptans, trapping them in an irreversible reaction. It contains a molecular structure that reacts with the sulfide molecule. It can be fed neat or diluted and can be combined with other chemical or biological products. 888/757-9577; www.teamaquafix.com.


Chlorine alternative

Proxitane WW-12 Peracetic Acid from Solvay Chemicals controls fecal coliforms, fecal streptococci, total coliforms and E. coli with no adverse effects on CBOD and pH. It can be used to increase the effective capacity of undersized UV systems or as an alternative to chlorine disinfection. It also can be used for wet-weather disinfection at CSOs, SSOs and secondary bypasses and can control wastewater odors. The material is stable under normal ambient conditions for one year. 800/765-8292; www.solvaychemicals.us.


Core sampler

DipStick Pro professional core samplers from Environmental Biotech provide accurate grease and sludge core samples. The standard size is 10 feet, segmented (6 foot with 4-foot extension). The unit can be used for measuring FOG. 800/ 314-6263; www.environmentalbiotech.com.


Wet H2S detector

The Q45S hydrogen sulfide detector from Analytical Technology operates in the high-humidity environment of wet odor control scrubber where a standard gas sensor would not normally survive. It is available with an air purging system to remove water droplets that may accumulate on the sensor membrane surface. 800/959-0299; www.analyticaltechnology.com.


Tank covers

Defender tank covers from Environetics are custom manufactured from industrial-grade materials to fit new or existing wastewater treatment tanks and contain volatile organic compounds and odorous gases at the source. Low-profile structurally supported covers minimize emission treatment volume and reduce air filtration costs. 815/838-8331; www.enviro neticsinc.com.


UV disinfection

The TrojanUVSigna disinfection system incorporates TrojanUVSolo lamp technology to reduce the cost of ownership and simplify operation and maintenance. It is designed for those large facilities wanting to upgrade or easily and cost-effectively convert from chlorine. The system offers a low lamp count and high electrical efficiency with lamps that combine the advantages of low-pressure and medium-pressure units.

Routine maintenance can be performed while the banks are in the channel, and an automatic raising mechanism makes tasks such as winterization simple, safe and easy.

An advanced lamp driver enables lamp dimming from 100 to 30 percent power and has built-in diagnostics for troubleshooting. Banks or rows of lamps are turned on or off based on UV demand. 888/220-6118; www.trojanuv.com.


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