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June Product News

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Moyno Offers Max-Flow Annihilator Grinder System

The Max-Flow Annihilator grinder from Moyno Inc. is a custom engineered headworks debris handling system designed to protect downstream pumps, valves and process equipment. The system can be used in place of bar rakes and screens, as well as drum screen grinders. The unit has two or more grinders mounted side by side in a stainless steel retrieval frame in the headworks of a waste treatment system. They can be installed inline, staggered or offset to accommodate a variety of channel widths. 800/486-6966; www.moyno.com.


Hach Introduces sc200 Open Channel Flow Monitor

The sc200 Universal Controller open channel flow monitor from Hach Co. features plug-and-play setup and communication options. The trans-reflective display uses menu-driven programming to guide the user through setup, primary device selection and calibration. Password protection prevents tampering. The sensor can be used alone, with a second flow sensor or with a Hach digital probe. Two 4-20 mA outputs are standard, with capacity to increase to six. A 4-20 mA input module can be added to allow mA signals from other analyzers. Communication choices include Modbus RTU and Profibus DPV1. The controller can be panel, surface or pole mounted. 800/368-2723; www.hachflow.com.


Chemineer Offers MR Agitators

MR Agitators from Chemineer Inc. are made for mixing fluids in the chemical, biodiesel/ethanol and wastewater industries. The mixers feature a parallel-shaft, helical gear design, minimum 50,000-hour L10 bearing life and oversized output shaft for extended life. Other features include cast-iron housing and double-lip seal, compliance with AGMA, OSHA, ANSI, IEC, DIN, EU and ATEX standards, and a variety of seal options. The swing-out mechanical seal change is designed for easy maintenance and reduced downtime. Custom pedestals, couplings, impellers, shafts and steady bearings are available. The unit can be mounted to support beams for open tank operation or to pedestals, plates or flanges for closed tank operation. 800/643-0641; www.chemineer.com.


McCrometer Introduces FPI Mag Flowmeter

The Model 394L FPI Mag (full profile insertion) flowmeter from McCrometer features bidirectional measurement. The compact meter has an L-Series converter calibrated to provide real-time indication of flow and totalized flow volume in both forward and reverse directions. The unit’s multisensor design compensates for variable flow profiles, including swirl, turbulence and low-flow conditions by reporting the average flow rate over the full diameter of the pipe. 800/220-2279; www.mccrometer.com.


Spectrom Introduces True Union Ball Valves

True Union Ball Valves from Spectrom Parts are available in 1/2-, 1-, 1 1/2-, 2- and 3-inch sizes. The valves are made of Georg Fischer PVC or CPVC (other materials available) with threaded or socket connections (valves up to 2 inches come with both socket and threaded ends). Each valve has an option of EPDM or Viton seals. 909/512-1261; www.spectromparts.com.


Industrial Scientific Introduces MX4 Multigas Detector

The Ventis MX4 multigas detector from Industrial Scientific Corp. is a lightweight, configurable device available with or without an integral pump and is compatible with iNet. The unit detects one to four gases, including oxygen, combustible gases (LEL or CH4) and any two of the following: CO, H2S, NO2 and SO2. Designed for confined-space monitoring or continuous-personal monitoring in hazardous environments, the gas detector can be used to draw samples from up to 100 feet. It has an audible alarm, LED visual alarms and vibrating alarm. 800/338-3287; www.indsci.com.


Sensorex Introduces Submersible, Insertion Electrodes

The S651CD submersible and S656CD insertion electrodes offer low maintenance and long life. The 651CD submersion pH/ORP electrode is designed for measurements in tanks, flumes and sewer lines. It features a quick disconnect, flat surface to resist coating and can be mounted at a 45-degree angle facing into the flow to further increase scrubbing action across the measured surface. The sensor is available in CPVC and with or without ATC elements. The 6556 CD enables pH measurements to be made in pressurized tanks and mainlines without shutting down the system for electrode maintenance. 714/895-4344; www.sensorex.com.


Detcon Offers X40 Control System

The Model X40 low-power alarm and control system from Detcon is made to monitor multiple gas detection sensors and a range of other field devices. The system can be customized and expanded. All I/O modules are individually addressable and operate on 11.5-30 volts DC. The X40-8 can provide power for up to eight field devices and house up to six 4-channel I/O modules. The X40-32 provides power for up to 32 field devices and can house up to 12 4-channel I/O modules. The control system is completely field programmable and offers advanced technology with intuitive, embedded intelligence. 888/367-4286; www.detcon.com.


Control Microsystems Introduces Trio ER45e Data Radio

The Trio ER45e data radio from Control Microsystems is designed to increase IP communication network reliability and coverage while reducing the cost of deployment and management. The radio provides both Ethernet and serial connectivity in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint SCADA and telemetry applications in licensed 450 MHz band. Features include ChannelShare, data compression, low latency and over-the-air firmware upgrades. 888/267-2232; www.controlmicro systems.com.


Omega Introduces M12 Series Sensors

M12 Series thermocouple sensors from Omega Engineering Inc. include M12 connectors with thermocouple compensated pins in Type J and Type K calibrations. The sensors are available with Type J, 316 stainless steel or Type K, Inconel 600 sheaths, ungrounded junctions and a variety of metric and imperial diameters and lengths. The connectors have a temperature range of -50 to 90 degrees C (-58 to 194 degrees F) and are rated to IP67. 203/359-1660; www.omega.com.


Time Mark Introduces 64-5 Power Factor Regulator

The Model 64-5 monitoring and power factoring control system from Time Mark Corp. is designed to obtain an improved power factor with a minimum of added capacitors and uses a phase-angle sensing circuit to monitor the power factor of a three-phase power line. The unit automatically responds to changing power factors by closing or opening the internal relays, which add or subtract capacitor banks on the line. Features include adjustable limits, automatic/manual modes, activated step indicators, 2-inch by 8-inch backlit LCD display and five relay outputs. 800/862-2875; www.time-mark.com.


Badger Meter Introduces Oval Gear Meters

The Model IOG oval gear flowmeter from Badger Meter is available in aluminum with liquid crystal polymer gears and stainless steel with stainless steel gears. It has 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-inch sizes with inline National Pipe Thread and British Straight Pipe Thread or flanged in 150, 300 and DIN 16. The meter is designed to withstand extreme conditions and high-viscosity liquid. It can be installed in tight spaces either vertically or horizontally and does not require a straight run of pipe or flow conditioning. 800/876-3837; www.badgermeter.com.


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