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Pre-engineered packaged station

The ReliaSource 6x6T aboveground lift station from Gorman-Rupp Co. is a fully customizable, compact and pre-engineered packaged system. It comes standard with all features of the 6x6 but with an additional three feet of height that allows for more options. The configuration accommodates more sophisticated controls like reduced-voltage solid-state starters and variable-frequency drives.

The added space also allows easier access to maintenance items. The system comes with two removable side door panels for access to pumps and motors and split-opening doors on the pump suction and control side. The doors are configured with the bottom half opening to the side and the upper gas-shocked and hinged door lifting overhead. This half also serves as an awning during maintenance. A fiberglass enclosure accommodates two Super T Series 2- to 6-inch pumps or two Ultra V Series pumps up to 4 inches. The taller enclosure allows increased hydraulic capability with flows to 1,475 gpm and pressure to 160 feet total dynamic head, as well as motors to 50 hp. 419/755-1011;

Self-priming choppers

Vaughan Co. offers self-priming chopper pumps suited for lift stations, scum wells, portable cleanouts and retrofits of clogging pumps. The high-efficiency chopper impeller design allows priming up to 24 feet. 360/249-4042;

Data-logging control panel

The Installer Friendly Series In-Site data-logging control panel from SJE-Rhombus lets users monitor up to 20,000 date/time-stamped events by plugging a flash drive into the USB port on the inner door. The pre-loaded software on the flash drive formulates system data, creating reports quickly in an easy-to-read format.

The panel logs any changes made to system settings and tracks service calls. Events monitored include pump run times, pump cycles, alarm conditions, power outages and more. The unit is available in simplex, duplex, demand-dosed and time-dosed models. Each panel has a NEMA 4X enclosure and comes with float switches, wiring diagrams, installation instructions and a flash drive with IFS In-Site software. 218/847-1317;

Plugs and receptacles

Decontactor Series switch-rated plugs and receptacles from Meltric Corp. allow technicians to quickly connect or disconnect power to pump motors. Pumps can be serviced or replaced without an electrician on site, allowing pumps to get back online faster. The plug and receptacle are UL rated for Motor Circuit Disconnect Switching and are an NEC-approved line of sight disconnect up to 60 hp.

Safety features protect from live parts and arc flash injury even when disconnecting in overload conditions. Pressing an off button on the receptacle safely disconnects power before the plug can be removed. Once the plug is removed, a safety shutter maintains a dead front on the receptacle. The disconnected plug provides visual verification of de-energization and is easily locked out, allowing the motor or pump to be serviced without the need for voltage testing. 800/433-7642;

Self-priming valveless pumps

NETZSCH Tornado rotary lobe pumps are positive-displacement, self-priming, valveless units offering high performance, reliability, and maintenance in place. They are designed for intermittent or continuous operation, provide gentle pumping, and are suited to transfer, process and dosing applications.

The pumps offer high reliability through NETZSCH Gearbox Security System Technology, which provides a positive separation between the pump head/product seals and the pump gearbox to eliminate gearbox contamination in case of seal failure. Compact construction permits a small installation and maintenance envelope. Pump capabilities include high suction lift, flows up to 4,400 gpm, differential pressures up to 85 psi, dry running and reverse flow. 610/363-8010;

Screw pumps

Schreiber incorporates the Archimedean screw pump concept in the Tube-Mounted Screw Pump and Open-Flight Screw Pump. The concept provides variable capacity at a constant speed up to a design maximum. The Tube-Mounted Screw Pump transports liquid inside a stationary tube, simplifying structure and eliminating grouting. The units are factory assembled. Pumps can be set at a fixed angle or the lower end can be supported by a hoist to vary the pump angle and for maintenance access.

The Open-Flight Screw Pump transports liquid using a concrete trough. This non-clog pump is typically installed at a 30- or 38-degree angle. The pump has a variable capacity at a constant speed up to its maximum. Pumps use a single-row spherical roller, self-aligning, combination radial/thrust lower support bearing with a minimum L-10 life of 100,000 hours.

Lower bearing lubrication requires only a transparent oil reservoir and feed tube to provide oil by gravity, without pressurized grease systems. A simple pillow block or flanged bearing provides radial support at the upper shaft. 205/655-7466;

Pump station level controller

The PSL pump station level controller from Greyline Instruments has a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor, isolated 4-20 mA output and six programmable control relays for pump control, pump alternation and for level alarms. It is designed for sewage lift stations, wet wells and storage tanks.

An automatic pump run time logging and reporting system helps operators to plan pump maintenance and identify “lazy” pumps before they fail. The system includes the Greyline software PSL Remote for Windows. Operators can prepare and save calibrations in advance and download to the PSL directly through a password-protected RS232 interface, or dial-up PSL pump stations through regular phone lines and modems to adjust calibration and observe level and relay states in real time. 888/473-9546;

Submersible sewage pump

The Little Giant 20S from Franklin Electric Company is a 2 hp submersible sewage pump engineered to handle effluent and wastewater transfer with high efficiency and long-term dependability. The product has an energy-efficient PSC motor, rugged brass impeller, powder-coated housing, and upper and lower ball bearings. 888/956-0000;

Durable packing

The PE1082 packing from Palmetto combines ePTFE/graphite and Palmetto Zenar with a break-in lubricant to offer durable packing that is easy on the shaft. The packing suits gritty slurry applications like wastewater treatment. Users can combine PE1082 with other Palmetto packings depending on the type of slurry, shaft speed and stuffing box pressure. Braid construction is interwoven for performance at temperatures to 500 degrees F, pH is from 1-13, and pressure to 500 psi in pumps (2,500 psi in plunger pumps). Shaft speed is 2,000 fpm. 800/445-4406;

Smart sensing

SmartSense Pulse intelligent pump monitoring from Colfax Corp. fits near the bearing on a pump to gauge temperature and vibration. Measuring 2.4 inches long, 1.6 inches wide and 1.3 inches deep, the monitor has at-a-glance LEDs that indicate pump performance and provide maintenance alerts. 804/560-4070;

Cavity pumps

L-Frame progressing cavity pumps from Moyno handle liquids from clean, thin viscous products to corrosive, abrasive slurries and sludges in wastewater treatment. Standard flange models have a modular design with pin-type universal joint for easy maintenance. Open-throat models are available. Features include non-pulsating metered flow, vibration-free operation, and on-site maintenance. The pumps handle capacities to 450 gpm and pressures to 2,100 psi. They can handle entrained air and gases without vapor locking. 877/486-6966;

Wireless shaft alignment

The Easy-Laser E710 wireless shaft alignment system from Alignment Supplies offers wireless Bluetooth operation, color graphics, and Endurio Power Management, which provides infinite operating time and eliminates battery life issues. The device’s integrated battery automatically charges itself from four ordinary C-cell batteries so users never have to stop an alignment for exhausted battery power. 800/997-4467;

Digital level control

The 331LC duplex control panel from Control Works offers digital level control in a stainless steel NEMA 4X enclosure. It has one panel for 208, 240 or 480V, three-phase pumps with overload protection up to 32 amps each (10 hp maximum at 208V, 10 hp maximum at 240V, 20 hp maximum at 480V).

The unit has a CW6CDC controller that operates based on a 4-20 mA signal, a solid-state alternator relay for even run time, run lights, elapsed time meters, lag delay circuitry, seal leak lights, hand/off/auto selector switches, alarm horn, and high-level flashing red alarm beacon with a dry contact for telemetry connection. Lightning arrestor and modular pedestal options are available. 513/831-9959;

Centrifugal bypass pump

The DV-325c 12-inch centrifugal pump from Rain for Rent is designed for efficient bypass pumping. It handles flows to 8,500 gpm, suction lift up to 28 feet, and maximum head of 220 feet. It has a solids handling capability of up to 4.75 inches. The sound-attenuated enclosure reduces noise as low as 72 decibels at 23 feet. The 350 hp Tier 3 engine burns 13 gallons per hour at 1,800 rpm (5,500 gpm at 140 feet total dynamic head) and comes with a galvanized skid to reduce maintenance. Electric drive is optional. 800/742-7246;

Remote data collection

The VIBNODE online condition monitoring system from LUDECA with a General Packet Radio Service communication link allows data from the motor and pump to be transferred to OMNITREND software, allowing e-mails, texts or pages to be sent out when an alarm is triggered. The GPRS is a non-voice value-added service that allows information to be sent and received across a mobile telephone network. This allows the motor and pump to be remotely monitored for looseness, misalignment, bearing defects, imbalance, pump cavitation, temperature, flow and pressure. 305/591-8935;

Center-ported pumps

PX1510 and PX810 center-ported Advanced Series Pro-Flo X Brahma pumps from Wilden Pump & Engineering feature a flanged 3-inch or 2-inch top inlet and bottom discharge. The flow path uses flap valves for maximum solids passage. The pump comes with a Pro-Flo X air distribution system and efficiency management system that optimizes operation with the turn of an integrated control dial, allowing users to select the desired efficiency point and flow rate. 909/422-1730;

Vertical pumps

Vertical pumps from SRS Crisafulli serve stationary applications such as sewage digesters and lift stations. Pumps are custom-built for the customer’s unique application and to specifications for discharge volume, total dynamic head (TDH), solids-passing capabilities, and heights from collection to discharge points.

The company offers 133 standard models in flows up to 18,000 gpm, TDHs up to 280 feet, and spherical solids-passing capabilities up to 5.5 inches. The pumps are designed to perform in demanding environments. All models are submersible centrifugal pumps that range in size from 2 to 24 inches; require no priming, check valves, suction pipes, or screens; and are self-drained. All-steel construction supports long and reliable life. 888/817-7011;

Variable-speed controller

The C100A variable-speed controller from Fluid Metering offers manual speed adjustment using a front-panel-mounted rotary dial and electronic speed control via a 4-20 mA signal from an external source. Other features include IR compensation, current limiting circuit, and factory-set minimum and maximum speed adjustment. The controller includes transient voltage protection and an AC fuse. 800/223-3388;

Regenerative blowers

K series blowers from FPZ use regenerative blower technology for extremely quiet, low-maintenance operation. Continu- ous pressures to 12.6 psi and airflows over 1,500 cfm can be obtained. Sizes range from 1/3 hp to 60 hp. Single-phase options up to 10 hp are available. FPZ motors are inverter duty and tropicalized, making them suited for aeration. Optional silencer locations maximize installation flexibility. 262/268-0180;

Stainless steel pumps

Hydraulic submersible pumps from Griffin Pump & Equipment range from 4 to 24 inches, with a variety of impeller designs. Special 6-inch models fit standard manholes. The stainless steel pumps handle flows up to 20,000 gpm and head conditions up to 140 feet. 713/671-7000;


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