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Neptune Offers Electric, Air-Driven HGL Mixers

HGL mixers from Neptune Mixer Co. are available in electric and air-driven models. Designed for IBC and tote applications within wastewater treatment plants, explosion-proof models are available. Bulk-container mixers are vertically mounted. The gear-reduced mixers can turn large props at 350 rpms for thorough mixing. The 316 stainless steel propeller folds to fit through a 2-inch opening and opens to a 9-inch diameter when operating. Mixers mount directly to a 2-inch NPT fitting on the tank. An optional SS bulkhead fitting converts plastic caps to have a rugged 2-inch NPT connection. Low-profile models are available. 215/699-8700;


SIE Introduces 3U OpenVPX Backplane

The 3U OpenVPX backplane from SIE Computing Solutions Inc. is designed to allow for multiple vendor boards and other system components without sacrificing interoperability. The backplane features a centralized 6-slot design that offers maximum flexibility for both customized and varied standardization between OpenVPX profiles. It utilizes the BKP3-CEN06-15.2.2-3 profile ratified by VITA 65. 800/926-8722;


Hach Introduces sc200 Universal Controller

The sc200 universal controller from Hach Co. allows the use of digital and analog sensors, either alone or in a combination, to provide compatibility with a range of sensors for water analysis. The controller can be configured to operate either two digital sensors, one or two analog sensor inputs, or a combination of digital and analog. The controller’s display provides guided calibration, visual warning and has a password-protected SD card reader for data download and transfer. Communication options range from Modbus RTU to Profibus DPV1. 800/227-4224;


Moyno Offers Metering Pumps with VFD/Motor Controls

The Moyno Metering Pump with integral VFD/motor controls from Moyno Inc. offers improved accuracy and repeatability. Additional features include capacities of 0.1 to 400 gph, flow control at low rpm, pressure to 300 psi and LED external displays. 937/327-3177;


Sensorex Offers Self-Cleaning Sensor

The S8000 flat-surface, self-cleaning pH/ORP sensor with modular mounting hardware and optional electronics from Sensorex is designed to deliver precise measurement with reduced maintenance. The fully configurable system enables users to expand measurement capabilities as plant requirements change. The S8000 electrode measures pH from 0-14 at a pressure range of 0-100 psig de-rated under temperature and operates at a temperature range of 0-100 degrees C de-rated under pressure or 0-80 degrees C when mounted in a flow cell or 0-70 degrees C with an electrode module. 714/895-4344;


Crowcon Introduces LaserMethane Detector

The LaserMethane mini Gen2 portable methane detector from Crowcon Detection Instruments is ATEX approved. The handheld unit weighs just over 1 pound including battery and measures 2.8 by 7 by 1.6 inches. Features include a full-color numeric or graphical display, audio and visual alarms, six-hour minimum battery life per charge (four-hour recharge) IP54 ingress protection, automatic ranging and a temperature range of 1 degree F to 122 degrees F. 800/527-6926;


HSI Offers High-Speed Turbo Blowers

The HT-Series of high-speed turbo blowers from HSI, designed to reduce operating cost and maintenance, range in size from 5 to 300 hp. Blowers operate at less than 85 dbA and can operate in parallel with other type blowers. Features include pre-engineered working system with integrated controls, variable-frequency drive, filter inlet and electrical disconnect. 713/947-1623;


Grundfos Unveils Submersible Pumps

SLV and SL1 model submersible wastewater pumps from Grundfos are designed for network pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants. The pumps are engineered to handle municipal or industrial wastewater, wastewater with fibers, drainage and groundwater, process and cooling water. The SL pumps offer a SuperVortex impeller (SLV) forfree passage of solids up to 4 inches in diameter and Channel impeller (SL1) for large flows of raw sewage. Features include Eff1-type motor, moisture-proof plug, short rotor shaft, double mechanical shaft seal and easy-to-open clamp. 913/227-3400;


Torrey Pines Introduces Bench Top Incubators

Bench top incubators from Torrey Pines Scientific Inc. are fully programmable with temperature ramping. Models IN35 and IN45 are Peltier-based units with no compressors or CFCs. Temperature ranges from 4 to 70 degrees C with control to 0.1 degrees C. Controls are capable of storing three routines in memory with each routine capable of 10 steps. Units have an RS232 interface for data collection and 99-day timer readable to 1 second. 866/573-9104;


Koch Offers Ultrafiltration System

The KONSOLIDATOR ultrafiltration system from Koch Membrane Systems Inc. is designed to reduce disposal wastewater costs in applications with high suspended solids. The system, available in five sizes ranging from 3,000 to 100,000 gpd, features tubular membranes with mechanical and chemical resistance properties. Additional features include control panel programmable logic controller, NEMA 12 enclosure, pressure and temperature alarms, feed temperature and permeate flow indicators, inlet/outlet pressure gauges, optional cleaning skid and automatic purge mechanism. 888/677-5624;


KROHNE Introduces Tidalflux Electromagnetic Flowmeter

The Tidalflux electromagnetic flowmeter from KROHNE Inc. is designed to measure the volumetric flow rate of electrically conductive liquids in partially filled pipelines. The unit combines a flowmeter with a capacitive flow-level measuring system built into the wall of the measuring tube for pipelines with fluid levels between 10 and 100 percent. 978/535-6060;


Invensys Introduces Foxboro PAC System

The Foxboro programmable automation controller with Wonderware software from Invensys Operations Management offers control and information capabilities for installations with fewer than 3,000 input/output points, while providing a foundation for a larger and even more capable enterprise control system. The Wonderware software includes a single, common integrated development environment. The package also includes Wonderware InTouch 10.1 HMI software. 469/365-6400;


Giant Industries Introduces GP7500 Series Pumps

GP7500 Series high-pressure pumps from Giant Industries feature an integrated gear-end cooling system for maximum longevity. The 100 hp, continuous-duty pumps are capable of flows up to 85 gpm and pressure to 3,000 psi. They are available in solid crankshaft design, gearbox with pinion shaft and gearbox with hollow shaft hydraulic drive. Standard components include solid ceramic plungers, nitrile seals with fabric reinforcing and stainless steel valves. 419/531-4600;


Longwatch Software Offers ACP Integration

The Video Historian, live and archived video, and Console Recorder from Longwatch are part of the video productivity suite of software designed to work with ACP-enabled think clients. The Console Recorder, when used with ACP-enabled think clients, helps reduce download time. Users see exactly what operators were viewing during shutdown, line stoppages and other system events. It also records what is seen on the ACP think client and the operator’s responses on the keyboard and mouse, but does not impact terminal service sessions or servers. 781/255-7400;


CSI Controls Offers ARC ARMOR Enclosure

The ARC ARMOR enclosure, offered by CSI Controls, is designed to reduce the risk of injury from arc flash and electric shock. The control and power circuitry are isolated in separate compartments, preventing unnecessary exposure to operators. Electric control equipment is segregated within an enclosure where only control voltage is present (120-volt AC maximum). High-energy controls, such as motor control, are located in the MCC compartment, while low-energy circuits such as controllers and low-voltage controls are located in the controls compartment, enabling staff to safely work on circuits without having to wear arc flash protective clothing. 800/363-5842;


Pentair Offers Hoffman Filter Fans

Hoffman filter fans from Pentair Technical Products feature UV-resistant plastic and foam-in-place gaskets for a tight cabinet seal. Models provide airflow from 16 cfm to 571 cfm and are available in side-wall and roof-mount and AC and DC power options. 763/421-2240;


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