Process Chemistry/ Laboratory Analysis

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Automated analysis

The ProcessLab from Metrohm USA is a fully customizable, automated at-line analysis system for QA/QC testing. It uses Windows-like software and system components that include micro-sample loops, overflow pipettes, pumps, valves, stirrers and top-down Dosino dosing units.


The system can be configured for applications including direct measurement (pH, Redox, conductivity, ISE), aqueous and non-aqueous titrations, volumetric Karl Fischer, and more. Key features include a compact, robust housing for installation at the process line, pilot plant or laboratory; modular design for customization to virtually any type of testing; and industrial PC- and PLC-driven controller for communication/data transfer within the process environment. 866/638-7646; www.metrohm


Smart probes

Hach Co. offers a customized electrochemistry solution for water-quality testing. HQd smart probes automatically recognize the testing parameter, calibration history and method settings to minimize errors and setup time. Nitrate and ammonium ISE probes are longer lasting with no membranes to replace. They provide stable, consistent measurements that increase ISE measurement integrity, using a solid-state sensor and large reference junction to reduce variability. Benefits include faster stabilization for calibration and measurement due to dry storage and minimal startup conditioning. 800/227-4224;


Scale inhibition

Belclene 445 from BWA Water Additives acts as a substitute for HEDP and PBTC where corrosion control is of concern. Its calcium carbonate scale inhibition surpasses PBTC and HEDP in chlorinated and non-chlorinated systems, making it compatible with oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocide treatments. Phosphate precipitation in the make-up water is inhibited through the stabilization of the phosphate content of the water.

The product mediates protective film formation, resulting in improved corrosion rates and dosage minimization. It is traceable throughout the system using the same testing strategy as for tracking HEDP. 800/600-4523;


Diaphragm pump

The AD 6 pneumatic diaphragm pump from Almatec handles a maximum delivery volume of 66 gph. Delivery volume is adjustable by changing the airflow. The device has spring-loaded valves and can be installed in any position. The solid PTFE conductive housing is corrosion-resistant, and its conductivity permits use in explosion-hazard areas and with flammable liquids. It also features submersible operation; dry-lift capabilities; proof against overloading and dry-running; a maintenance-free air-control system without a dead center; PTFE diaphragms; gentle liquid displacement; and optional connection kits for laboratory and sample pulling. 630/487-2240;


Modular room structures

CleanLab modular room structures from HEMCO Corp. are engineered to meet critical requirements for cleanroom design coupled with the demanding environment related to laboratories. The rooms meet exact size and system specifications. Modular wall construction allows flexibility to enlarge, modify, disassemble and re-erect as needs change. 800/779-4362;


All-mechanical cleaning system

An all-mechanical system from Anue Water Technologies cleans wet wells and provides wastewater conditioning. It removes up to 98 percent of FOG buildup in wells through agitation and homogenization of the wastewater. While in the process, wells are washed down and the device’s action significantly increases dissolved oxygen. That sets the stage for enhanced aerobic activity and efficient and lower biosolids load output. 800/559-7159;


Chemical feed

Chemical feed systems from Lutz-JESCO America Corp. are built to customer specifications. The chemical metering and control systems ensure process specifications and industry standards are met. The system features 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings, which include process and instrumentation drawings, system layout and design, and operation and maintenance instructions. Each system is assembled and tested in advance. 800/554-2762;


Valveless metering

Fluid Metering offers the Chloritrol valveless metering system for accurate, maintenance-free injection of sodium and calcium hypochlorite. Accurately metering liquid sodium hypochlorite presents a challenge because of the fluid’s tendency to out-gas. The system has a valveless duplex pump design. The first pump head is high-pressure and injects sodium hypochlorite directly into the water. The second pump head functions to remove out-gas bubbles from the inlet side of the high-pressure pump head. 800/223-3388;


BOD probe

The ProOBODM optical dissolved oxygen BOD probe from YSI enables users to reduce or eliminate membrane changes, calibrations, warm-up times and interferences. The probe is tapered to fit into a standard 300 ml BOD bottle. The probe is self-stirring to ensure a representative sample and comes with a 2-meter cable, power supply and optical sensor cap. 800/765-4974;


Handheld chlorine tester

The Chlorometer Duo handheld chlorine tester from Palintest uses a photometric analyzer and DPD method for laboratory, treatment plant and field applications. An intuitive interface produces definitive results without extensive training or data interpretation. The waterproof (IP67 rated) device can test for free and total chlorine from 0.01 to 5 mg/l with an HR selection for ranges from 1 to 250 mg/l. The last 10 results are stored in memory for easy comparison. 800/835-9626;


Rapid analysis

The compact SMART Turbo System from CEM Corporation provides automated microwave total solids determination in less than three minutes. The versatile system can measure total suspended solids and total solids in wastewater and sludge. Rapid, precise analysis provides effective control of the wastewater treatment process. It also reduces costs through effective dewatering and efficient polymer usage and decreases disposal costs by optimizing solids content.

The IntelliTemp temperature feedback system constantly monitors weight loss and sample temperature, adjusting the power accordingly so that the sample is thoroughly dry without being overheated. This ensures fast, accurate results and reproducibility. The system is simple to operate, and methods are easily transferable from unit to unit. The user-friendly software is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German and provides pre-programmed methods and help screens to guide operators through a test. The system can store up to 100 methods and 300 test results. It uses 5 percent of the energy needed for conventional drying. 800/726-3331;


Biomass measurement

By measuring the energy-carrying molecule ATP, the Quench-Gone21 Wastewater (QC21W) test kit from LuminUltra Technologies directly measures the quantity and quality of biomass. The information provided allows users to proactively identify and seek out the source of process upsets in advance of effluent quality indications. It can be used to identify the optimum operating conditions for a bioreactor. 506/459-8777;


Peristaltic pumps

Fine dispensing peristaltic pumps from Verderflex are used in testing, dosing and analysis applications. They can be controlled with a footswitch for simple measurements, or with logic-controlled systems for microdosing. 877/783-7337;


Data logger

The Data Logger RAH-DL from Global Treat automatically collects and records data off Hydro Instruments chlorine residual analyzers. Data is recorded as often as every five seconds. An integral battery ensures that data is captured and stored even if power is lost. Data is transferable onto any computer using an SD or MicroSD media card reader. 281/370-3425;


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