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Larox Introduces Knife Gate Valves

The Knife Gate Valve from Larox features a J-ring design. Removable seats on both sides of the blade provide a bi-directional seal. The flanged, wafer and high-pressure valves are available with pressure ratings up to 300 psig and diameters from 2 to 24 inches. Other features include easily replaceable ring sleeves, full bore, bi-directional flow, no seat cavity and no packing gland. 410/636-2250;

FCI Offers ST98L Inline Mass Flow Meters

The ST98L inline mass flow meter from Fluid Components International is made for virtually any air or gas mixture in 1- to 2-inch small process lines. Available in two different flow element styles, the –F element is made for applications in dry, clean air/gases with fluid temperatures to 350 degrees F, while the –S style is made for demanding applications involving dirty or erosive fluids, high-moisture content gas or pulsating flow. The –S element features robust, thick wall thermowells, and an unshrouded equal mass sensor element for noise-filtered response, extended erosion resistance and easier cleaning. The flow meter has an accuracy rating of ± 1 percent and repeatability of ± 5 percent. The sensing element has two all-welded 316L stainless steel thermowells that protect two matched platinum precision resistance temperature detectors. 800/854-1993;

Rotex Offers Gyratory Reciprocating Screeners

Gyratory Reciprocating Screeners from Rotex Global are designed to separate dry materials at high production rates. Features include a gyratory-reciprocating motion and positive screen mesh cleaning system. The gyratory-reciprocating motion of the near-horizontal screen surface gives undersize material the maximum opportunity to pass through the mesh openings without loss of near-size material. The motion also produces a continuous mesh cleaning action that prevents material from lodging in the openings. Screens can range from one to five screen surfaces for separation with openings of 1/2 inch to 325 mesh. Optional floor mounting, cable suspension and mounting on a structural steel framework are available. 800/453-2321;

MWH Soft Introduces InfoWater Modeling Software

InfoWater Generation V8 hydraulic modeling software from MWH Soft is designed for ArcGIS 10. Built atop ArcGIS, InfoWater integrates advanced network modeling and optimization functionality with the latest generation of ArcGIS, enabling engineers to perform complex hydraulic analyses, including multi-point and extended period fire flow simulations, variable-speed pumps and advanced water quality calculations. 626/568-6868;

Almatec Offers CHEMICOR Series Pumps

CHEMICOR Series metal pneumatic diaphragm pumps from Almatec have soft contour product chambers for smooth flow and now dead spots. Designed for chemical flow, pump options include pulsation damper, back-flushing system, barrier chamber system, diaphragm monitor, stroke counting and extended special ports for use in sanitary conditions. The pumps are available in three sizes: 20 gpm, 40 gpm and 100 gpm.

Control Microsystems Releases ClearSCADA 2010

ClearSCADA 2010 client-server enterprise software from Control Microsystems offers improvements for remote control and telemetry, enhanced connectivity to databases (SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL), improved security and enhanced alarm handling. To simplify access control and improve security management, the software offers Windows authentication for centralized management of passwords and disabled user accounts. 888/267-2232;

Endress+Hauser Offers Pressure Transmitters

The M-Class Deltabar M PMD55 transmitter and Cerabar line of pressure transmitters from Endress+Hauser are ATEX, FM, CSA, NEPSI and IEC Ex certified for use in hazardous areas. The M-Class transmitters have a 4-20 mA, two-wire analog output with superimposed HART 6.0 digital communications. Remote operation is available via a HART Field Communicator handheld terminal or the wireless Field Xpert PDA with integrated 3.5-inch touchscreen. The Deltabar pressure transmitter, available in four models, can be used for flow measurement of gases, vapors and liquids. The Cerabar transmitter, available in three models, can be used for measuring absolute and gauge pressure of gases, steam or liquids. 888/363-7377;

OMI Introduces Ecosorb Spray Gel

Ecosorb spray gel odor control from OMI Industries is designed for topical applications onto solid and semi-solid materials that emit odors, including solid waste materials, wastewater sludge, compost materials and remediation soil. The spray applies a thin, semi-liquid gel film onto the surface of the odorous material, absorbing and controlling the odor molecules. There is no masking of odors via fragrances. 800/662-6367;

Lechler Offers STAMM Self-Cleaning Showers

STAMM self-cleaning showers and oscillators from Lechler, made for use in wastewater treatment plants, feature octagonal flat fan nozzles in spray angles from 15 to 75 degrees as well as round 0 degree or solid stream (needle jet) versions. The flat fans are self-aligning when used with STAMM bases. 800/777-2926;

Fibox Offers ARCA JIC Enclosures

ARCA JIC enclosures from Fibox Enclosures are manufactured using injection-molded polycarbonate (PC), offering ease of customization, chemical resistance, and functionality across a wide temperature range. The units are UL listed and NEMA 4X rated and come in 10 standard interior enclosure sizes. All sizes offer transparent or opaque screw and hinged covers, plus latch options. There is a complete range of mounting plates, plus fixed and hinged inner panels. Enclosures come with standard wall-mounting feet or optional mounting flanges. 888/342-6987;

EagleBurgmann Offers Diamond Seal Face Coating

DiamondFaces seal face coating from EagleBurgmann features a microcrystalline coating on a silicon carbide seal face designed to reduce maintenance and increase service life for pump operators. The coating allows for dry-run periods up to several hours and reduces sliding-face friction. 713/939-9515;

Charles Austen Offers Enviro et Linear Pump

The enviro et linear pump from Charles Austen Pumps is available in a range of models and flow rates from 30 l/min to 250 l/min. Designed for intermittent or continuous duty, the pumps can be retrofitted to current tank installations or cesspit conversions. Other enviro linear pumps include the etx with safety tip that stops the pump in the event of diaphragm failure and the sw submersible water pump designed for use inside a treatment tank. The pump is available with stainless steel or plastic casing. Performance ranges from 2,500 l/hr to 20,000 l/hr.

Hach Releases FL900 Series Flow Logger

The FL900 Series Flow Logger with Marsh-McBirney Flo-Dar Sensor from the Hach Co. is designed to reduce site time while increasing the safety of flow monitoring personnel. The logger features instant verification of on-site operation/communication, real-time alarms sent directly to e-mail or mobile phones and intuitive setup and data management software. The non-contact sensor eliminates sensor maintenance and the need for confined-space entry. Wireless FL900 Flow Logger models utilize Hach FSDATA Web-based software, eliminating site visits to collect flow data. 800/368-2723;

Respirometry Plus Introduces Simplified Respirometer

Based on the same principles as the fully automatic Arthur Respirometer, the Simplified Respirometer from Respirometry Plus delivers a manual readout for toxicity, treatability, nitrification/denitrification and organic lead measurement, but without temperature control. 800/328-7518;

Orbeco-Hellige Introduces Primary Chlorine Kit

The EZ Mix primary chlorine standard kit from Orbeco-Hellige is designed to prepare a 1.5 mg/l chlorine standard without the use of additional pipettes or other glassware and can be used to comply with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Method 334.0. 800/922-5242;

McCrometer Introduces FPI Mag Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The FPI (full profile insertion) Mag electromagnetic flow meter from McCrometer features additional sensing electrodes for increased sensitivity and is packaged in a heavy-duty, 316 stainless steel sensor body. The sensor is coated with a NSF-certified 3M fusion-bonded epoxy for operational longevity. The meter’s compact design fits in confined spaces and installs without interrupting service, dewatering lines, cutting pipe or welding flanges. Its multi-electrode sensor compensates for variable flow profiles, including swirl, turbulence and low-flow conditions. It has an accuracy rating of ± 1 percent. 800/220-2279;

Triplepoint Offers MARS Aeration System

The MARS Aeration System from Triplepoint Water Technologies features lagoon diffused aeration technology that incorporates mixing and aeration into one portable unit. Designed to boost oxygen, improve effluent quality and lower wastewater lagoon operating costs, individual units can be lowered into the treatment cell from the surface and easily raised for inspection. No draining of the lagoon or fixed piping is required. The system utilizes high-efficiency fine-bubble diffusers for high production and low energy use. Each aerator also integrates a dedicated mixing component to prevent sludge accumulation. 630/208-0720; www.triple

ITS Introduces eXact Micro 8 Photometer

The eXact Micro 8 advanced photometer from Industrial Test Systems tests for iron, pH, ammonia, phosphate, sulfide and cyanide. It also offers a transmission mode that can be used to test an additional 11 parameters, including hardness, chloride/salt, biguanide, alkalinity and more. The handheld unit has a built-in timer for streamlined testing and 140 test memory. 800/861-9712;


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