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Neptune Offers PZ Series AR Metering Pumps

PZ Series electronic metering pumps from Neptune Chemical Pump Co. feature an automatic air release valve for chemicals that off-gas at room temperature (such as sodium hypochlorite). The pump has an acrylic head with Teflon diaphragm, ceramic checks and EDPM O-rings and seals. The pumps operate at the same flow rate and accuracy on any single-phase voltage from 94 to 264 VAC. 215/699-8700; www.

Axcess Introduces Automated Security Checks

Dot MicroWireless Credentials from Axcess International Inc. automatically determines in real-time if a person is carrying a proper ID and is authorized to be in a given place. Applications include asset loss prevention, visitor tracking, emergency evacuation accounting and intrusion detection. 800/588-6080;

WEG Introduces Energy-Saving Motors

The Quattro line-start permanent magnet hybrid motor from WEG Electric Corp. features three-phase distributed winding in the stator, while the W22 Super Premium motor offers maximum efficiency and exceeds NEMA Premium levels with 20 percent fewer losses. The Quattro operates at synchronous speed regardless of the load and requires no special protection relays. The low-noise, high-torque W22 has a 1.25 service factor through the 447T frame size. When paired with an electronic soft starter, the motor is even more efficient and reliable. 800/275-4934;

Greyline Introduces Open Channel Flow Monitor

The OCF 4.0 open channel flow monitor from Greyline Instruments uses a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor to measure wastewater flow through flumes or weirs. It features a built-in data logger with onscreen flow reports and software that retrieves, displays and graphs flow reports in customizable formats. Other features include isolated 4-20 mA, 0-5 V, USB and RS232 outputs, three control relays and 10-digit totalizer. Calibration and selection of flume or weir are made through the built-in, three-button keypad and menu system. Calibration is password protected and data totals are stored during power interruptions. Temperature compensation is automatic a­nd accuracy is ± 0.25 percent. 888/473-9546;

Ludeca Offers Portable Vibration Analyzer

The Vibxpert II portable vibration analyzer from Ludeca features a full-color display, data acquisition and vibration diagnostic tools. Machine vibrations, bearing conditions, process data and visual information can be collected and stored on the expandable Compact Flash Card (up to 8 gigabytes) for report generation or transfer to OMNITREND software for further analysis, reporting and archiving. 305/591-8935; www.

Sierra Introduces Ultrasonic Thermal Energy Flow Meter

The Innova-Sonic Model 205 thermal energy/Btu meter from Sierra Instruments is designed to measure the thermal energy flow rate and totalized energy consumption in liquid heating and cooling applications. The clamp-on meter has an accuracy reading of ± 0.5 percent. 800/866-0200;

Fairmount Introduces Macrolite Ceramic Media

Macrolite engineered ceramic media from Fairmount Water Solutions offers high surface area, uniform composition, shape, size and density. Designed to filter down to 3 microns, the media enables users to minimize bed size and reduce equipment footprint. 800/237-4986;

MWH Soft Unveils InfoWorks TS

InfoWorks TS software for advanced hydraulic transient analysis from MWH Soft is designed to assess the effects of pump station power failures, pump startup, valve closures, rapid demand and pump speed changes. The program also simulates transient cavitation and water column separation, evaluates intensity and estimates the potential effects on the system. 626/568-6868;

Crowcon Adds Ammonia Sensor to Gas Detector

The Tetra:3 personal multi-gas detector from Crowcon has been expanded to include a sensor for ammonia. The existing sensor range includes flammable gases, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide. The unit has a top-mount display and can detect up to four gases at once. 800/527-6926; www.

Assmann Offers Large Double-Wall Tanks

Double-wall tanks from Assmann Corp. are designed to eliminate spills without lined concrete containment. The tanks feature uniform walls with a heavier top sidewall and dome for chemical and corrosion resistance, while the primary inner tank and secondary locked-on outer containment ensure against spills. Made of molded high-density crosslinked polyethylene or FDA-compliant linear polyethylene, the tanks range in size from 20 to 6,550 gallons. 888/357-3181; www.

Wilden Offers H800 High-Pressure Pump

The H800 high-pressure pump from Wilden is designed to transfer viscous, solid-laden slurries at high-discharge pressures by utilizing a 3:1 pressure ratio of inlet air supply to discharge fluid. Available in stainless steel and ductile iron bolted construction, the pump can achieve discharge fluid pressures up to 250 psig. The pump also has a ringed air valve piston for added on/off reliability along with DIN or ANSI compatible flanges. Maximum flow rate is 95 gpm with a maximum inlet air pressure of 85 psig. 909/422-1700;

Omega Introduces DOB21 Benchtop Oxygen Meter

The DOB21 benchtop dissolved oxygen meter from Omega has an amperometric dissolved oxygen probe with automatic temperature compensation for field or laboratory applications. It features RS232 output, auto calibration for all parameters, salinity and barometric pressure compensation and data logging up to 99 points. Programming is done via a three-button keypad. 203/359-1660;

. Vycom Introduces Chemical-Resistant Corrtec Line

Corrosion- and chemical-resistant Corrtec products from Vycom are available in several polymer options, including PVC (Type I and II), CPVC, HDPE, PP and CoPP. Both Hitec HDPE and Protec PP and CoPP are compliant with FDA, USDA, NSF (natural only) and RoHS requirements. 800/235-8320;

Electro Static Offers Aegis SGR Bearing Protection

The Split Ring Aegis shaft grounding ring with conductive mounting kit from Electro Static Technology is designed for easy field installation without detaching coupled equipment. The kit-contained conductive epoxy and activator take approximately 10 minutes to apply and set. 866/738-1857;

Penn Stainless Introduces Welded Pipe, Tube Line

Nonstandard welded tubular items in stainless, duplex, nickel, 6-moly and chrome-moly materials are available from Penn Stainless Products through its Specialty Pipe and Tube Division. Welded and tube products are available in a variety of grades and ASTM specifications. Made-to-order sizes range from 1/8- through 96-inch diameter. Stock sizes range from 1/8- through 24-inch diameters. Available in lengths up to 42 feet, pipe and tube can be specified with wall thickness from 0.008 through 3 inches and rectangular sections through 24 inches. 800/222-6144;

Markland Introduces Sludge Gun

The handheld Sludge Gun from Markland Specialty Engineering can be used to determine sludge levels in lagoons, ponds, clarifiers and septic tanks. Sensitivity is adjustable for thick or thin sludges. The sludge layer is indicated by an audible tone that varies in volume and pitch. 905/873-7791;

Thermo Scientific Offers DataStick Measurement System

The AquaSensors DataStick measurement system from Thermo Scientific features pre-calibrated plug-in sensor heads that provide 24-bit data. It can be calibrated, configured or diagnosed directly from a PLC or computer system. No immediate analyzer boxes are needed. Measurement parameters include pH, ORP, conductivity, resistivity, free chlorine, dissolved oxygen, dissolved ozone, drinking water turbidity and suspended solids. DataStick supports Modbus, DeviceNet, Profibus, USB, RS232, RS485 communications and advanced Ethernet connectivity. 800/225-1480;

. FCI Offers OEM Level Sensors

The OEM series of level sensors from Fluid Components Inter-national feature thermal dispersion technology with solid-state or relay contact outputs in a range of materials independent of conductivity. Designs include two-wire loop powered, insertion type with pigtail, level and temperature, mass level with two-wire loop powered, integral type, high temperature and wet/dry. 800/854-1993;

SEL Introduces Integrated Communications Optical Network

The Integrated Communications Optical Network from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories can operate as an OC-48 SONET multiplexer and/or a gigabit-fast Ethernet switch. An ICON can be managed from one or several locations, either through SEL management software or generic SNMP manager. The ICON is available in a 19-inch, shelf-mount package and an 8-inch, DIN-rail or panel-mount package. It meets IEEE 1613 and IEC 61850-3 standards for communications networking devices in electric power substations. 509/336-7946;

Eccentric Pumps Offers Chemical Delivery System

Peristaltic hose pumps from Eccentric Pumps are designed to deliver Thioguard and magnesium hydroxide slurry from Premier Chemicals to wastewater, collection and water treatment facilities to reduce odor and corrosion, adjust pH, improve treatment processes, increase effluent quality, enhance digester performance and improve biosolids quality within the treatment system. The pumps feature a single oversized roller that compresses the low-friction hose through 360 degrees of rotation for longer hose life and greater reliability. Multiple hose options are available, offering maximum flexibility and adaptability. 404/816-4760;

Val-Matic Offers Quick Sizing Calculator

The pocket-size Air Valve Quick Sizing Calculator from Val-Matic Valve & Mfg. is made to assist in the correct sizing of air valves for use on water pipelines, sewage force mains, pump stations and treatment plants. 630/941-7600;

MSA Offers Personal Fall Limiter

The Workman personal fall limiter from MSA features a 400-pound working capacity, no annual recertification and integral load indicator. The PFL has a durable thermoplastic housing, impact-absorbing bumpers and choice of cable or web lifeline. 800/672-2222;


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