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Planning, design, construction management

Carollo Engineers provides planning, design and construction management services for municipal clients. Services include solids handling facilities from new plant inception to rehabilitation, and reconstruction of existing facilities. 800/523-5826;


An all-natural metabolic stimulant

Natural Resource Protection Inc. provides NRP10-1000 all-natural metabolic stimulant to control the production of hydrogen sulfide and corrosion in wastewater collection systems and treatment plants. The product stimulates aerobic microorganisms so that they reduce the organic electron donor molecules available to the anaerobic sulfide-reducing microorganisms.


Elimination of hydrogen sulfide means no sulfuric acid is formed from the gas mixing with water. Absence of sulfuric acid in the system means the pH is not acidic and corrosion from the acid is reduced dramatically. 800/448-0499;


Improved digester performance

Biogas utilization service from Symbiont helps wastewater treatment plants reduce operating costs and decrease utility needs through improved performance of anaerobic digesters. Symbiont projects have used biogas for heat generation, power generation, combined heat and power systems, and building climate control. 414/291-8840;


Optimizing performance

The Asset Management group for Orenco Systems helps wastewater operators optimize the operational, environmental and financial performance of their systems. The group can assist with budgeting for equipment repair and replacement, provide technical and product support, or assess energy efficiency.


Annual training workshops and a free Operator News newsletter keep operators updated on best practices and the latest product offerings. The Asset Management group also administers an online Operator Forum so that operators can share their knowledge and get help with trouble-shooting. 800/348-9843;


Cost-effective solutions

WSI International is a multidisciplinary engineering firm providing cost-effective solutions to complex environmental problems. The firm provides varied product offerings for wastewater treatment and solids management including equipment design, engineering and operations. Depending on project requirements, WSI can create custom packages pre-built or installed on site, retrofit existing facilities, perform installation and startup services, provide operational training or staffing, and develop residual waste management solutions. 303/985-0885;


Reduce electricity costs

Solon Corporation can help reduce electricity costs by up to 30 percent with solar energy. Energy costs associated with operating a wastewater treatment plant account for up to 40 percent of facility expenses. Using Velocity MW, a modular solar power plant, Solon helps maximize performance output. The company can provide financing with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and assume responsibility for the entire plant management over the life of the system. 520/807-1300;


Removes sand and grit

Settled Solids Management removes the sand and grit from wastewater treatment facilities while the plant remains online and without removing the water or biomass. Sand and grit are removed through a hydroshovel with extension handles and special hydraulic pumps to a Vertical Grit Separator, where the material is separated from the water and biomass. The water and biomass are returned to the facility, and the sand and grit are deposited through screw conveyors into trucks for disposal. 407/322-0330;


Aftermarket services

Ashbrook Simon-Hartley provides aftermarket services for dewatering services around the clock. The company also carries a multimillion-dollar inventory of spare parts and ancillary equipment for quick, on-time delivery. Additional services include mobile dewatering units, on-site equipment evaluations, equipment refurbishment, retrofits and upgrades, on-site classroom and hands-on training, and optimization services. 800/362-9041;


Restoring digester capacity

Carylon Corporation has more than 50 years of experience in bringing sluggish, overloaded and even inoperable digester tanks back to full operating capacity. Overloading, lack of adequate oxidation time and loss of gas recovery can cause a digester to function at only a small percentage of design capacity.


Carylon personnel are deployed with the necessary flushing, pumping, venting and safety equipment to quickly and safely remove all organic and inorganic materials that interfere with digester operation. They remove solids with pressurized water and transport and dispose of the material. 312/666-7700;


Startup service

JDV Equipment Corporation ensures that installation of its equipment complies with all manufacturer specifications and requirements. The Startup Service is provided once the installation is complete and the system is ready to operate.


Trained and certified field service technicians operate the system in all modes and perform a basic end-user training that includes an overview of the system and operational procedures including safety, startup, modes of operation and shutdown. End users are apprised of basic maintenance requirements and how to obtain service and contact customer support. 973/366-6556;


Wastewater transportation

A full fleet of specialized equipment enables Magna-Flow Environmental to offer a turnkey service for all wastewater transportation needs. The company’s aluminum tanker trailers allow more volume of product to be transported with less weight. 281/448-8585;


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