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Asahi Introduces Series 83A Actuator

The Series 83A electromni actuator for ball valves from Asahi/America features a NEMA 4X enclosure with flanged cover, baseplate design and full gasket Nitrile seal to keep water out. Four captivated 304 stainless steel hex-head slotted cap screws fasten the cover and base halves together, while four Nitrile cap-plugs cover the motor mounting bolts. A flat gasket for Type 21 or Type 23 ball valves or an O-ring for the Omni ball valve seal the body to the baseplate. Molded 304 stainless steel inserts form an ISO F03, F04 or F05 valve mounting pattern. 781/321-5409;


Endress+Hauser Introduces FMX21 Level Sensor

The Waterpilot FMX21 level sensor from Endress+Hauser, made for measuring the level of sludge and wastewater, has a stainless steel housing and flush-mounted process diaphragm. With an optional Pt100 sensor, it can also measure temperature. The unit uses a ceramic cell to measure pressure. Any changes in pressure cause a change in capacitance, which the sensor’s electronics convert to a 4-20 mA signal that is linear to the level of the liquid. HART 6.0 is superimposed on the signal, enabling the operator to adjust the range remotely. 317/535-1329;


Bilco Offers Falls Protection Grating

Fall protection grating from The Bilco Co. is made from corrosion-resistant fiberglass and includes lift assistance and an automatic hold-open arm for ease of operation and user safety. It is equipped with stainless steel hardware for maintenance-free performance and rated for a 300 PSF live load. The grating is available in standard and custom sizes. Kits are available to retrofit the grating onto Bilco doors in the field. 203/ 934-6363;


Pressure Systems Offers SDI-12 Transducer

The KPSI Model 501 SDI-12 (serial data interface at 1200 baud) transducer from Pressure Systems meets the requirements of the U.S. Geological Survey Office of Surface Water accuracy specifications for stage monitoring. The transducer offers ± 0.05 percent FS total error band accuracy and repeatability as well as measurement level accuracy of ± 0.01 ft. H2O and onboard surge protection. 800/328-3665;


Markland Offers Sludge Depth Meter

The Model 602 sludge depth meter from Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd. is made to measure the sludge level in dissolved air flotation tanks, SBRs, inclined plate clarifiers, tanks and clarifiers. The meter has four power levels to adjust for different concentrations of sludge, enabling it to find the thick sludge in wastewater treatment plants as well as the light flocs found in some drinking water plants. The meter also can be used to find the level of any interface in a liquid. 905/873-7791;


Jeio Introduces High-Capacity, High-Speed Shakers

Lab Companion SKC high-capacity, high-speed shakers from Jeio Tech have a direct-drive mechanism. Features include programmable motion control, LED displays, unbalanced load sensors and self-protecting cutoff function. The shakers offer speeds up to 500 rpm, a maximum orbit of 2.8 inches and clamps that accommodate up to six liter flasks. 781/376-0700;


Liberty Process Offers Cavity Pump Parts

Spare parts for progressive cavity pumps, including rotors, stators and seals, are available from Liberty Process. Parts are available in a variety of models, sizes and materials and meet or exceed ISO 9001 performance standards. 847/640-7867;


Greyline Introduces Stingray Portable Flow Logger

The Stingray portable open-channel flow logger from Greyline Instruments is designed for area-velocity flow surveys in sewers, open pipes and channels, municipal stormwater, combined effluent, raw sewage, irrigation water and stream flow. The unit uses a submerged ultrasonic sensor to measure both velocity and level in the channel. No calibration is required. Powered by Alkaline D-cell batteries, it can operate up to four years. Electronics are housed in a watertight IP67 enclosure and rated for operation from -4 degrees to 140 degrees F. Enclosed Greyline Logger software can retrieve and display logged data by RS232 or modem connection. The software calculates flow for round, rectangular, trapezoid and egg-shaped channels, as well as flumes and weirs. 888/473-9546;


Metrohm Offers 826 Mobile pH Meter

The 826 Mobile pH meter from Metrohm is waterproof and suitable for hard environments. Features include level IP67 protection for dust and water, wireless printing, choice of 1-3 calibration points, memory capable of holding 200 results and impact-resistant carrying case. 800/ 727-6768;


Val-Matic Offers SuperValves Air Valves

The SuperValves line of air valves from Val-Matic Valve & Mfg. Corp. are coated with fusion-bonded epoxy internally and externally, holiday tested and include 315 stainless steel bolts. 630/941-7600;


CSI Controls Introduces VARIOspeed Frequency Drive

The VARIOspeed variable-frequency drive from CSI Controls is designed for pressure control applications. As the flow and head conditions change in the pumping system, the unit automatically controls the pump speed and maintains a constant discharge pressure that can be set using the keypad. The control is available in 5 hp to 150 hp at 208-240 V and 5 hp to 250 hp at 380-480 V, single phase of three-phase supply voltage. Built-in features include P.I.D. control, energy optimization control, adjustable electronic overload, automatic system restart, high- and low-pressure alarms and more. 800/363-5842;


Top Hand Introduces 15 mil Latex Gloves

Disposable 15 mil latex gloves from Top Hand Safety are 12 inches long, extra strong and suited for a variety of uses. 800/282-1007;


Oil Skimmers Offers Cart-Mounted Oil Skimmer

The Model 6V cart-mounted oil skimmer from Oil Skimmers is designed to remove animal, vegetable and petroleum-based oils, fats and grease and oily wastes that float on water. The unit can remove as much as 100 gallons of waste oil per hour, decanting it into a collection drum. It has a 60-inch floor frame mounted to a portable cart with lockable castors and handle with enough room for a collection drum. A Model 5H collection system also can be mounted to the cart. 440/237-4600;


Industrial Test Offers eXact Photometer

The eXact LEADQuick photometer from Industrial Test Systems is made for field testing lead, mercury and cadmium in potable water. 800/861-9712;


Pentair Introduces PANELITE Enclosure Lights

The PANELITE family of enclosure lights from Pentair Technical Products include compact LED and fluorescent versions, designed for quick installation in Hoffman PROLINE and other enclosures. The LED lights have an operating life of up to 50,000 hours and operate on 24-volt DC current and are available in 15-inch lengths. The fluorescent lights are available in 15-, 18- and 28-inch lengths. Both lights are UL and CSA certified. 763/421-2240;


Trojan Introduces UV Solo Lamp

The UV Solo Lamp from Trojan Technologies, paired with the energy-efficient Solo Lamp Driver, offers the high electrical efficiency of a low-pressure UV system, while providing the low lamp count of a medium-pressure UV lamp system. By using fewer and more efficient lamps, the carbon footprint associated with UV treatment is reduced to less than one-third that of medium-pressure UV lamp systems. The increased efficiency translates into a significant reduction in wasted energy, peak electrical loads and associated electrical infrastructure. 519/457-3400;


WAGO Offers 713 Series Connector System

The 713 Series MCS MINI-HD double row connector system from WAGO Corp. is a low-voltage (150V/10A and 160V/10A) wire-to-board connector for control circuits, including I/O interfaces and sensor cables. A high-density design features rear-side CAGE CLAMP terminals for factory or in-field wiring. The 16-mm wide connector also trims front panel space by up to 40 percent. 800/346-7245;


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