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Val-Matic offers stainless steel wastewater air valves

Val-Matic Valve & Mfg. Corp. now offers all-stainless steel wastewater air valves in sizes from 1 to 4 inches for single housing and from 1 to 8 inches for dual housing. Constructed of 316 stainless steel, the valves are of lightweight design, require no regular maintenance and provide years of reliable operation in harsh conditions, including grit and wastewater service, desalinization, mining, and leaching applications. 630/941-7600;


Staco Energy Products Introduces FLU-10S UPS

The second generation FLU-10S three-phase uninterruptible power supply from Staco Energy Products Co. is designed to offer computer-grade power. Measuring 46 inches high, 20 inches wide and 32 inches deep, the unit has a standard battery run-time of nine minutes with optional batteries for extended run times. Features include front-end harmonic correction, eliminating the need for additional filtering, while double-conversion technology protects the connected load from sags, swells, harmonics, noise and voltage imbalances without going to battery operation. 866/266-1191;


Control Microsystems Offers ClearSCADA Platform

The ClearSCADA host platform from Control Microsystems Inc. and Longwatch Inc. provides video surveillance of remote processes and assets. The platform can be integrated with the Longwatch Video Surveillance Platform and Video Historian Platform, along with IP surveillance cameras to capture and convey security information. The video system uses Modbus protocol and is event-driven to conserve bandwidth. The Longwatch system continuously takes and stores video. When motion is detected, an alarm is raised and a video snippet is attached to the alarm message and sent to the control site showing what happened before and after the event. Through a graphic display in ClearSCADA, operators can view what is occurring on site, eliminating the need for someone to investigate the alarm. 888/267-2232;


SJE-Rhombus Offers I-Link Lift Station Notifier

The I-Link lift station notifier from SJE-Rhombus, available with two- and four-year service plans, provides Web-based monitoring that collects and reports system status and alarm events. Model LSN 100 monitors and sends notifications based on digital inputs for high level, low level (or fault) and power loss. The unit monitors pump cycle count and run time for up to three pumps. Model LSN 200 also monitors pump performance and pump current. 800/746-6287;


Endress+Hauser Introduces Liquiphant M Density Meter

The Liquiphant M density meter from Endress+Hauser is designed to provide online measurements, eliminating the need for off-line procedures and laboratory measurements. A built-in density calculator can be customized, enabling the unit to provide measurements achieved by lab instruments. The meter can calculate density in mass or volume units. Customized applications include content measurement and concentration, quality statements, purity indication and product identification, among others. 317/535-1329;


AEGIS Introduces 841 Shaft Grounding Ring

The 841 bearing isolator shaft grounding ring from AEGIS is designed to protect heavy-duty motor bearings from harmful VFD-induced shaft currents and contaminants. It is suited for IEEE 841 motors controlled by variable-frequency drives. 866/738-1857;


Sensor Introduces Stand-Alone Gas Detectors

Four models of stand-alone gas detectors from Sensor Electronics, engineered for wastewater treatment plants, react immediately to dangerous levels of hydrogen sulfide, methane, sulfur dioxide or chlorine. Each detector links to a compact transmitter fitted with LEDs that glow green as long as the gas levels are safe. If levels change, the LEDs change to amber and then red. Gas levels in ppm or percentages are shown on digital readouts. 800/285-3651;


Blue Ribbon Offers Lift Station Level Transmitter

The Lift Station level transmitter with Birdcage design from Blue Ribbon is designed for low-maintenance operation in lift station or raw sewage level applications. A 3-inch diameter sensing body eliminates plugging. The Birdcage design features an all-welded stainless steel body coupled to a jacketed polyurethane cable rated to 1,100 FT WC. An integral vent tube provides a barometric reference and a hydrophobic vent filter protects against moisture. 716/773-9300;


Pentair Offers Fusion G7 Wall-Mount Enclosures

Hoffman brand Fusion G7 global wall-mount enclosures from Pentair Technical Products feature a scalable design with internal component mounting provisions and options. Enclosures are available in 30 standard metric sizes from 300 by 300 by 225 mm to 1,500 by 900 by 425 mm. The units include a galvanized back panel and removable bottom plate for cable entry modifications and wire installation. 763/545-1730;


Stafford Offers Corrosion-Resistant Collars, Couplings

Shaft collars and couplings for pump drive and structural systems from Stafford Manufacturing Corp. are offered in 303 and 316 stainless steel, brass, bronze and other materials for various power transmission and structure system requirements. The corrosion-resistant collars come in 1-piece, 2-piece and set-screw styles in sizes up to 16 inches I.D. Couples are available in 1-piece, 2-piece and 3-piece styles up to 6 inches I.D. All can be modified with special bores, keyways, mounting holes, flats, hinges, threads and more. 800/695-5551;


EcoWave Introduces 1000 Series Dryer

The 1000 Series biosolids drying unit from EcoWave is designed to produce a Class A product using a microwave/near-infrared process that is energy efficient and highly scalable. It produces little to no odor, has low operation and maintenance costs and minimizes emissions of secondary pollutants such as dust, CO, CO2, NOx and SOx. A 50-wet-ton-per-day machine has less than a 900 square-foot total recommended install area.


The technology combines the heating characteristics of microwave and near-infrared rays. The action of microwaves generating heat inside and the near-infrared rays heating the surface enhances heating and drying. The electric drying technology uses an agitator-equipped screw conveyor that agitates the material being moved in the dryer in order to apply heating evenly, for a uniformly dried product. EcoWave has fully functioning pilot unit mounted to a truck available for demonstrations. 321/217-3181;


Viking Expands SG series Pump Line

The SG series line of high-pressure positive displacement pumps from Viking Pump has been expanded to 190 gpm with either Viking Mag Drive, single or double cartridge seals, component mechanical seals or lip seals. The series offers 29 displacements with pressures to 500 psi standard and some to 2,500 psi. All operate at up to 4-pole motor speeds and offer either foot-bracket or close-coupled mount to both NEMA C and IEC frame motors. The pumps are capable of handling liquids from 1 to 250,000 cST viscosity. 319/266-1741;


ITT Introduces Redesigned Flojet Pumps

Flojet Triplex Series high-pressure pumps from ITT Corp. feature a three-chamber configuration, enabling the self-priming pumps to operate at flows up to 1.4 gpm and pressures to 150 psi. Available in 12- and 24-volt DC and 115- and 230-volt AC models, enhancements include improved priming, stable bypass pressures from 120 to 125 psi and 25 percent increase in pump life. 714/557-4700;


In-Pipe Offers Bacterial Additive

In-Pipe Technology Company offers a high-concentration formulation of facultative, symbiotic, spore-forming, naturally occurring bacteria added at strategic locations in the collection system to improve wastewater treatment.

The process enhances the microbial community so that more reactions occur in the sewer biofilm and increase metabolism of wastewater compounds. The bacteria convert TSS to a soluble format that is more bioavailable, allowing conversion of the soluble organic compounds into carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The processing of organic matter in the collection system reduces the biological load to the treatment plant. 888/325-5033;


Seametrics Introduces WMP104-100 Magmeter

The 1-inch WMP104-100 molded plastic magmeter from Seametrics is designed for flows under 80 gpm. It is available in both battery and externally powered options. The flowmeter is chemically resistant and has no moving parts. A digital display shows the flow and accumulated total. A pulse output is available for pacing external devices. 253/872-0284;


COD analysis

The SC400 for COD analysis is a rugged, waterproof, handheld colorimeter that can test three ranges of COD (0-150 mg/l; 0-1,500 mg/l; 0-15,000 mg/l). The instrument, from Orbeco-Hellige Inc., has a large backlit display, a real-time clock, 16-point data storage and a mode that allows the user to calibrate against prepared standards. It comes with a 16-mm tube adapter and a battery in a case. 800/922-5242;


Torrey Pines Introduces EchoTherm CO20 Column Heater

The CO20 EchoTherm HPLC column heater from Torrey Pines Scientific Inc. has a temperature range from room temperature to 90 degrees C (194 degrees F) readable and settable to 0.1 degree C (32.18 degrees F). The unit holds columns up to 30 cm long (approximately 1 foot) by 1/4-inch or 3/8-inch diameter. Larger columns can be used by removing the column clips that hold the smaller columns. Features include digital display of target and chamber temperatures, injection counter, 30-day timer with alarm and settable auto-off. The unit operates on 12 volts DC and comes with a benchtop universal power supply. 866/573-9104;


SEL Offers Feeder Protection Relay

The SEL-751A feeder protection relay with arc-flash detection from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories is designed to reduce false trips and improve power system reliability. Fiber-optic, light-sensing technology and overcurrent protection work together to detect arc-flash hazards. 509/332-1890;


Global Water Group Introduces Treatment, Recycling System

An advanced, modular wastewater treatment and recycling system from Global Water Group Inc. is designed to process water in half the time of conventional aeration systems. Using modular units, the system operates in combination with separate recycling and purification units. The systems are applicable for flows from a few thousand gallons to tens of millions of gpd. Standard configurations or custom design, the units feature no sludge disposal, minimal maintenance and effluent that meets World Health Organization drinking standards. 214/678-9866;


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