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Neutral pH

The Monashell biofiltration odor control system from Bord Na Mona Environmental Products Inc. reuses waste shells as media to maintain a neutral pH, allowing for biological treatment of odorous sulfur compounds without chemicals or nutrient addition.


The waste airstream is directed into re-circulating water in the unit, allowing contact between selected microorganisms and odorous compounds. The bacteria reside on the shell media, which contains high levels of CaCO3 and neutralizes acid byproducts of sulfide oxidation. The system is effective for treating a broad range of compounds and high levels of H2S and organic sulfides. 800/787-2356; www.bnm-us.com.


Process tank mixer

The Hydro-Pulse Mixing System from Pulsed Hydraulics Inc. mixes wastewater process tanks such as lift station wet wells and open-topped sludge storage tanks. It creates pulses of 40-60 psig compressed air-bubble masses, which are distributed at the bottom of the structures.


The pulses create a bottom-to-top circulation and prevent accumulation of biosolids at the bottom. Because solids are not allowed to settle or float, they do not deteriorate biologically to create odors. Operational parameters such as pulse rate, air pressure and pulse volume can be adjusted to create a variable-speed system. 800/641-1726; www.phiwater.com.


Retractable cover

The structurally supported cover system from Geomembrane Technology Inc. consists of a retractable sheet of high-strength, UV- protected, coated fabric tensioned across a series of low-profile aluminum arches that span a tank opening, serving as odor control.


The cover is sufficiently airtight to capture odorous off-gas for removal by ventilation, yet it can be quickly detached on three sides and retracted to expose the tank contents for inspection or maintenance. Rain or snow-melt water runs off. Intermediate aluminum walkways divide long tank covers into sections for easy retracting. Hatches can be located in the walkways for inspection or sampling access. Off-gas removal piping connects directly to the cover system. 603/569-0676; www.gticovers.com.


Stops H2S odors

O-Mega chemical-free systems from Vapex Environmental Technologies eliminate hydrogen sulfide odors from lift stations, wet wells, headworks, grit chambers and other structures. Its process generates a hydroxyl ion fog that is sprayed into odorous spaces. The fog fills the headspace and reacts with and destroys the vapor-phase hydrogen sulfide. The structure acts as the reaction chamber, and the reacted mist condenses back into the water stream while killing bio-growth and reducing corrosion. 888/907-0004; www.vapex.com.


Activated charcoal

The GB2+ system from Enviro-Zyme International uses activated charcoal to absorb odors. For plant-wide odor problems, it can be placed in air plenums or inside air ducting. 800/882-9904; www.envirozyme.com.


Fiberglass tank covers

Made from high-strength pultruded FRP, Enduro tank covers from Enduro Systems Inc., are corrosion-resistant and deliver a long-term solution for odor, algae and debris control. Designed specifically for water and wastewater applications, the cover system offers easy removability, integrated lift handles, gasketed seams, fully encapsulated manways, and the longest span available in flat FRP cover panels. Covers can also be integrated with the company’s baffle wall systems for low total system cost. 800/231-7271; www.endurocomposites.com.



pH buffers from Taylor Technologies are made with high-purity water and American Chemical Society-grade chemicals. Color-coded buffer solutions are offered at pH 4.0, 7.0 and 10.0. There are also colorless reference buffers ranging from pH 2.0 to 12.0. 800/837-8548; www.taylortechnologies.com.


Pure oxygen

ECO2 SuperOxygenation technology from ECO Oxygen Technologies is an environmentally friendly odor- and corrosion-control solution that can be applied in force mains or upstream of headworks and primary clarifiers to avoid corrosion. The system dissolves pure oxygen into water to raise the DO level.


Greater than 90 percent absorption efficiencies can be obtained using pressure to achieve DO concentrations of 50 to 150 mg/l. The technology eliminates hydrogen sulfide odor and corrosion by adding enough pure oxygen to establish and maintain aerobic conditions. Hydrogen sulfide is oxidized, and the formation of additional H2S is prevented. 317/706-6484; www.eco2tech.com.


Built to fit

Defender tank covers from Environetics Inc. are custom-built to fit new or existing tanks. The clear-span structural aluminum frames provide strength. The reinforced geomembrane covers have hinged hatches that allow easy access. The low-profile design minimizes internal volume, reducing treatment system requirements. 815/838-8331; www.environeticsinc.com.


Metabolic stimulant

NRP10-1000 all-natural metabolic stimulant from Natural Resource Protection Inc. controls production of hydrogen sulfide and corrosion in collection systems and treatment plants. It stimulates the aerobic microorganisms to levels at which they reduce the organic electron donor molecules available to the anaerobic sulfide, reducing microorganisms for their sustained metabolism.

This mechanism, along with the reduction in the anoxic laminar layer that exists at the interface of the pipe and the water stream, further reduces the viability of H2S-producing bacteria. No sulfuric acid in the system means that pH is not acidic, and corrosion is reduced dramatically. 800/448-0499; www.nrp-inc.com.


Vacuum-based delivery

The SWEET (Submersible Wastewater Efficient Effluent Treatment) package from Global Treat Inc. is a vacuum-based chemical delivery system for chlorination and de-chlorination. It uses process water from the contact chamber instead of potable water for vacuum creation. It also provides optimal mixing, reducing chemical off-gassing. There is no external water piping. The system is water-cooled and needs no lubrication. 800/370-4410; www.globaltreat.com.


Online cleaning

The TrojanUV3000Plus disinfection system from Trojan Technologies reduces operation and maintenance requirements through an ActiClean online chemical and mechanical cleaning system. 888/220-6118; www.trojanuv.com.


Passive collection

The Odor-Pac from Precision Systems is a passive odorous gas collection device that is an alternative to larger, more elaborate systems. The system looks like a typical control panel found at a lift station and installs in minutes. Its non-reactive, gas-absorbing media requires only annual changes, which can be done by one person in a few minutes. 708/891-4300; www.precision-systems.com.


Eco-friendly ingredients

Odoreze wastewater odor control spray from Imtek Environmental Corp. is formulated from a blend of natural ingredients to deodorize wastewater. It destroys odoriferous gases like organic acids, ammonia, amines, mercaptans and hydrogen sulfide produced by anaerobic bacteria. The deodorizer is safe, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-flammable and does not contain harmful chemicals or metals. All ingredients are on the FDA Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) list. 770/667-8621; www.noodor.biz.


Highly reactive lignin

The Earth Works Water Treat Series from Green Way Products provides a natural and environmentally friendly solution for controlling malodorous biological reactions, corrosion due to ele-vated H2S, and high BOD/COD and TSS.

The primary active ingredient is a liquid blend of naturally occurring organic material containing highly reactive lignin molecules that acts as a biological sponge to absorb and permanently bind H2S created in biological degradation processes. The product should be metered into the system’s continuous flow streams 300 feet ahead of where H2S is released. 800/241-7951; www.greenwayproducts.net.

Solar-powered circulator

The LumenAER from Aeromix Inc. is a solar-powered circulator that distributes low-oxygen water from the bottom and exposes it to the surface for rapid oxygenation and distribution. It provides an environmentally friendly solution to issues such as foul odors and excessive chemical use. 800/879-3677; www.aeromix.com.


Binds hydrogen sulfide

The De-Sulph-A-Nator from AQUAFIX functions by binding hydrogen sulfide in a collection system or wastewater tank or on a belt press, preventing odor formation. It can be used by metering or pouring into the sewer system or into a wastewater tank. 888/757-9577; www.teamaquafix.com.


Cover system

Composi-Cover from Fiber-glass Fabricators Inc. is a flat odor-control cover system that works with rectangular and round tanks. It can also function as an algae/weir cover system. Covers can accommodate long, unsupported spans. The system includes large, lightweight access hatches and unlimited penetration options. Covers resist chemicals, corrosion and UV light. 888/593-3552; www.fibfab.com.


Alkaloid accelerator

BYO-GON from Byo-Gon Inc., is a natural alkaloid compound that acts as a cell growth accelerator in biological systems. It stimulates existing biological systems to activate bacterial amylases and cause a shift from anaerobic fermentation to respiration. The resulting process consumes ammonia and sulfides that would otherwise cause offensive odors. Additionally, because biological reactions are driven further toward completion, intermediate acid compounds and VFAs are minimized, reducing odor in collection systems and wastewater treatment facilities. The technology has been used in numerous applications over the past 25 years at dosages from 0.5 to 1.5 ppm. 800/580-5509; www.byogon.com.



Aluminum planks for odor control from Ohio Gratings Inc. are available unpunched or with a variety of punch patterns. Made of extruded aluminum, the planks are relatively maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant and have no parts to work loose or splinter. Slip-resistant surfaces can be applied to increase safety. 800/321-9800; www.ohiogratings.com.


Fixed-bed systems

Peacemaker dry-air scrubbers from Syneco Systems Inc. are one- or two-vessel fixed-bed systems containing several stages of demand-dependent media. The media mix and vessel size is determined by the H2S level. An integral polishing bed removes other organic odors.

The scrubbers remove 99 percent of H2S in applications with levels as high as 1,000 ppm. No maintenance and no chemicals are needed. The only moving part is the blower. When the media is spent, the entire scrubber is exchanged or the media bed is replaced, depending on scrubber size. 800/442-7575; www.synecosystems.com.


Biologically active

BIO ENERGIZER from Probiotic Solutions is a biological treatment that cuts odors, reduces sludge, decreases BOD and diminishes costs in wastewater treatment plants. The product is a bio activator, scientifically formulated as a broad-spectrum stimulant composed of organically complex nutrients and natural growth promoters that enhance the native biology of treatment. It creates a growth environment where diverse biology can thrive. Wastewater treatment facilities benefit from odor control and from faster and more complete sludge oxidation. 800/961-1220; www.probiotic.com.


Treats H2S odor

H2S No More (BH-5009) Sulfide Scavenger/Odor Control Agent from B.H. Enterprises Inc., is an organo-amino compound for treatment of hydrogen sulfide. Its chemistry specifically targets H2S, organo-sulfur compounds, and mercaptans and is synergistic with wastewater systems, bacteria and enzymes.


In wastewater applications, it quickly binds up sulfur, including stripping sulfur from poisoned beneficial aerobic bacteria and enzymes that have been deactivated by the sulfur bond. The reaction shows a beneficial and natural increase in oxygen, optimizing the biochemical balance of the system. The product is all organic, non-hazardous, fast reacting and freeze/thaw stable. It requires no special tanks, mixing, pumps or chemical-resistant piping. It can be added directly to sludge, at the head of the plant, or anywhere upstream of the odor problem. 866/997-0654; www.bhenterprise.com.


Single-stage generator

The Aqua3000 from Adolphus Harris Beckart Environmental Inc. is a single-stage chlorine dioxide generator designed to provide safe and simple odor control. The system removes the guesswork and offers an efficient alternative to chlorine, bleach and other reagents. With four times the oxidizing power of chlorine alone, chlorine dioxide is an efficient compound for bacterial control. The single-stage design minimizes special needs in transporting, operating and housing odor-control equipment. 262/656-7680; www.beckart.com.


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