Product News - May 2010

Featured products of May.

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1. Detcon Offers Wireless Gas Detection Sensors

Model 700 gas detection sensors from Detcon include wireless technology as an integration option. All sensors are equipped with standard 4-20 mA analog and Modbus RS-485 outputs. The Model RXT-300 wireless gas detection system, is designed to work with 700 sensors and other field devices with an RS-485 Modbus serial output. The RXT-300 is a wireless Modbus replacement and links one master to one or more slaves. 888/367-4286;

2. WEG Introduces NEMA 4X Wash Down VFD

The CFW08 Wash Down variable frequency drive from WEG Electric Corp. is designed for harsh environments exposed to water, sprays, high humidity and dust. Rated for heavy-duty applications and 150 percent current overload capacity, the unit can handle temperatures from 32 degrees F to 104 degrees F with 90 percent humidity at altitudes up to 3,300 feet. 800/275-4934;

3. Cobra Technologies Introduces Universal Portable Control Console

The Universal Portable Control Console from Cobra Technologies features a rack-mounted, solid-state, Dual Core processor computer system and 10.4-inch, sunlight readable touchscreen. The controller can be used as a completely integrated portable unit with the Cobra Inspection System or can replace any U.S.-made mainline inspection system, single- or multi-conductor. The controller can be loaded with the CobraTouch CDL 9000 Series datalogger. A touchscreen interface makes the CCTV sewer/pipeline inspection process more productive. A built-in validation to the PACP and WRc programs eliminates the need for the operator to remember or research coding requirements. 800/443-3761;

BinMaster Introduces Web-Based Monitoring

BinLink Web-based monitoring from BinMaster, a division of Garner Industries, offers remote wireless inventory management of stored material from any Internet connection through SmartBob2 and SmartBob-TS1 sensors mounted on bins, tanks and silos. The real-time system can monitor one or a hundred bins and grow as operations expand. Features include built-in mapping that shows tank types, locations and levels. The system also features end-to-end encryption and authentication to ensure data is secure. 800/278-4241;

4. Krohne Introduces Waterflux 3070 Water Meter

The Waterflux 3070 electromagnetic water meter from Krohne has a 15-year battery life and optional GSM module for remote transmission of measurement and status data. The meter can be installed in narrow wells and chambers. Sensors are available in sizes from 1 to 24 inches (DN 25 to DN 600) and for combination with other Krohne signal converters.

5. McElroy Introduces Wired DataLogger

The Wired DataLogger from McElroy records and documents key components of the pipe-fusion process. The device consists of a handheld computer and data-collection unit that records heater temperature and fusion pressure over time. It can be used on fusion procedures that require up to 4,000 psi or job sites that don’t use Bluetooth communications to transmit data. All data generated can be stored, viewed, printed or transferred from the handheld computer to a desktop for archiving. 918/836-8611;

MWH Introduces Wastewater Testing Method

A new method for identifying the presence of wastewater in ground and surface waters from MWH Laboratories detects gadolinium and other rare earth elements. The tool can analyze at ultra-low levels for gadolinium and identify excess levels in ppt. 800/566-5227;

6. Gateway Offers Two Styles of Eye Protection

Scorpion MAG and StarLite MAG bifocal eye protection from Gateway Safety are available in four diopter strengths: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5. Designed for aging workers, the Scorpion features an adjustable length, ratcheting temples and comes in either clear or gray lenses, while the StarLite comes in clear, anti-fog or gray. 800/822-5347;

7. LaMotte Introduces 2020 ClearTrace Turbidity System

The 2020 ClearTrace Turbidity System from LaMotte Co. is designed for continuous monitoring of low-level turbidity in clean-water applications. Measurement range is 0 to 100 NTU. Each unit is precalibrated and provided with a 4-20 mA output for connection to resident control hardware. 800/344-3100;

8. MSA Offers Workman Tripod

The Workman tripod from MSA is designed for confined space entry and features an internal leg-locking mechanism, maximum height indicator on the legs, cut-resistant leg-pin retention chains, reduced weight and integral carrying strap. 877/672-2222;

9. Neptune Offers Gear-Driven Portable Mixers

Gear-driven portable mixers from Neptune Chemical Pump Co. are designed for a variety of mixing and blending applications, including wastewater treatment to batch chemical preparation. The mixers feature helical gears for mixing to 350 rpm (direct-drive mixers are available to 1,750 rpm). Three types of mounting are available. 215/699-8700;

10. Duperon Offers Washer Compactor

The washer compactor from Duperon cleans and compacts screenings less than 4 inches at rates up to 60 cubic feet/hour. The dual-auger system utilizes thermal-mechanical dynamics that enable fibrous materials to absorb grease. Compacted debris shows 84 percent volume reduction and produces 60 percent dry solids. Its discharge chute travels up to 10 feet in multiple configurations for easy positioning. 800/383-8479;

Sherwin-Williams Introduces Chemically Resistant Cor-Cote

Chemically resistant Cor-Cote HB urethane from Sherwin-Williams can be applied on both concrete and steel substrates. The build-up product enables clarifiers, settling tanks, wet wells and grit chambers to be returned to service within four hours, rather than days. The low-VOC (less than 250 g/L) is formulated to resist H2S gas permeation and microbiologically influenced corrosion. Reinforced with micaceous iron oxide, the coating provides high abrasion resistance, increased film integrity and superior edge-retention qualities. It has a low temperature cure of 20 degrees F and can be applied in up to 85 percent humidity.

11. Onset Enhances Web-Based Monitoring Systems

The HOBO U30 Web-based energy and environmental monitoring systems from Onset feature expanded cellular network coverage, customizable display and eco-friendly weatherproof enclosure. 800/564-4377;

12. Ametek Introduces Submersible Level Transmitter

The Model 375 submersible level transmitter from Ametek PMT Products is designed to provide direct submergence in many types of liquids for quick, accurate and reliable level measurement. Transmitters indicate liquid level by continuously measuring hydrostatic pressure via an isolated sensing element. Once the sensor measures the pressure, data is transmitted by a 4-20 mA output signal. All electronics are mounted in a submersible stainless steel housing. The factory-installed cable is sealed to ensure liquid-tight performance. 215/355-6900;

13. Morgan Technical Introduces Piezo Ceramic Components

Piezoelectric ceramic components and ultrasonic sensors from Morgan Technical Ceramics are designed to display hour-by-hour real-time information about energy usage and for metering both gas and liquid flow. The ultrasonic flowmeters feature solid-state technology with no moving parts. They suffer no pressure loss and offer nearly maintenance-free operation.

Invensys Releases Enterprise Control System

The InFusion Enterprise Control System from Invensys Operations Management features software platform updates, integration with the Foxboro I/A Series distributed control system and SCADA hardware and software, and open integration with virtually any other automation or information system. 469/365-6651;


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