How Industry-Leading Suppliers Give Back to Lower the Cost of Continuing Education

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How Industry-Leading Suppliers Give Back to Lower the Cost of Continuing Education

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You may have noticed that some vendors advertise less than they used to. In fact, some industries have seen trade publications become all but extinct. You may think it’s because of budget, but often it’s not. Smart suppliers are using money that was previously allocated to advertising to bring real value to their customers. They have learned that by providing real value, they get a better return on their investment through stronger loyalty and higher sales numbers while giving back to those that support their business. 

The pandemic led to a new way of thinking and diverted marketing money to podcasts, webinars, videos and other online educational events. But this trend began even before that; the pandemic simply sped it up. 

Water Otter’s partnerships have allowed us to reduce the cost of our program of continuing education for the water and wastewater industry, and we are on a mission to take that further. With the help of corporate sponsors (your suppliers) we want to provide the industry even lower costs. In fact, with enough support we’d love to provide it for free. 

If you’re an industry supplier reading this, please join us on our mission. If you’re an industry operator, manager or other professional, ask your suppliers if they participate and support those that do. 

Thanks for helping us support those that provide us clean water and thanks for what you do every day to protect America’s most precious resource: our water.

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