Q&A: How Customized Treatment Systems Can Solve Your Arsenic Problem

Find out how customized treatment systems from AdEdge Water Technologies can help your water system

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In this Q&A, AdEdge Water Technologies discusses arsenic treatment options. Find out how a customized treatment solution can solve contaminant problems in your water system.

Q: How can you treat arsenic with membranes?

A: Reverse osmosis and other membrane treatment processes are often used for arsenic removal when other constituents, such as total organic carbon, salts, color and total suspended solids are also present in the water. RO is a pressure-driven treatment process that removes arsenic from water by means of particle size.

Q: Are beverage companies required to meet the same standard of arsenic as municipal water companies?

A: U.S. beverage companies are also required to meet the 10 ppb arsenic standard. In fact, many bottled-water companies and juice companies choose considerably lower levels. AdEdge has worked with many international companies including everything from breweries to apple juice to carbonated drinks to bottled water and even restaurant chains.

Q: How can you treat arsenic with adsorption?

A: In the adsorption process, contaminants break their bond with water molecules and chemically adhere to a filter media. This is accomplished by directing water flow through pressure vessels that contain the adsorptive media, at a specific rate that allows just the right contact time for adsorption to occur. AdEdge Water Technologies’ Bayoxide E33 adsorption media is the industry standard for arsenic removal. This granular ferric oxide media reduces up to 99 percent total arsenic, including arsenic (III) and arsenic (V).

Q: Can you combine technologies to enhance arsenic removal?

A: When there is a high arsenic concentration or multiple contaminants requiring treatment, AdEdge’s integrated system approach can create a custom treatment solution.  Using our AdEdge Packaged Unit (APU), modular and/or membrane systems, we integrate pre- and post-treatment processes to provide a turnkey approach.

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Headquartered just north of Atlanta, Georgia, AdEdge Water Technologies specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and supply of innovative water treatment solutions that remove contaminants from process or aqueous streams. AdEdge offers a full range of conventional and innovative treatment technologies to achieve trough standards including adsorption, coagulation, ion exchange, biofiltration and membrane-based solutions. For more information, call 866/8ADEDGE or visit www.adedgetechnologies.com.


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