5 Crazy Photos From Snowed-In Massachusetts Plants

You win, Massachusetts. See exactly how much snow the area has received.
5 Crazy Photos From Snowed-In Massachusetts Plants

Here at the TPO office, which is located in the snow belt of northern Wisconsin, we take pride in our winters. In fact, we wear our snow totals like a badge of honor. Inches? Ha. We speak in feet of snow.

But this year, we’re just going to admit defeat and say to all of you in Massachusetts, “you win.” Congratulations. You have earned the snowfall award, and you have earned it valiantly. Just this past week, winter storms Neptune and Octavia pounded New England, dumping another 16 inches on Boston, which was already buried under 6 feet of snow. Many cities and towns are breaking budgets for snow removal. Boston alone has spent more than $30 million so far after allocating $18.5 million for fiscal year 2015.

Marcel Tremblay, the chief operator at the MCI Concord Wastewater Treatment Plant in Concord, Massachusetts, sent us these pictures straight from the center of Narnia, where it’s always winter and never Christmas. Here’s a look at what Massachusetts treatment plants are dealing with this winter.

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