Tank Solutions: Control Odors With Retractable Covers

Tank covers can control odor and simplify plant operations

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Tank Solutions: Control Odors With Retractable Covers
Covers from Geomembrane Technologies are airtight to capture foul air, but also quick and easy to open.

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I run our city’s wastewater treatment plant and the neighbors are complaining about odors. We have tried managing these odors, but all of the complaints make it seem like we don't care. That is not true.  Still, everybody, including the mayor, hears the complaints. 

It seems like the best solution is to capture the odorous air under a cover, and then withdraw and treat it so that it never reaches the neighbors. We want to be a good neighbor, but we also have a job to do. Running this plant means we need to regularly inspect the process and maintain our equipment, and a cover just gets in the way and makes it harder for us to do our jobs.  What can you suggest?

You are describing a common problem for municipalities. The best cover to solve this issue is one that is airtight to capture foul air, but also quick and easy to open. Geomembrane Technologies Inc. (GTI) supplies this type of cover.

Our structurally supported covers consist of a retractable fabric cover tensioned over a series of low-profile aluminum arches. The covers are typically used at wastewater treatment plants to capture odorous offgas for removal and treatment. The cover fabric is strong and durable, and can be quickly disconnected and easily retracted to access tank internals for maintenance or inspection. Rainwater automatically drains off the cover. We also use a similar cover style to block sunlight to control algae growth and chlorine usage/DBP formation.

This cover works. Plant operators who have chosen this cover type are happy because the covers lets them do their jobs without complicating their workload. The neighbors are happy because the odor problem is resolved. The mayor is happy because the complaints went away.

For more information, please visit our website at www.gticovers.com or contact Brent Howe, Vice President of Product Management:  brent.m.howe@gticovers.com or 506/449.0993.


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