The Fire Chief Project: The Power of Proclamation

The governor of Illinois recognizes the contributions of water and wastewater operators

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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has proclaimed this week, March 17-23, as Water and Wastewater Operator’s Week. Luke Markko, president of the Fox Valley Operators Association, notified the group’s membership in an email and sent along a copy of the official proclamation:

WHEREAS, public health is an important mission to keep the citizens of the State of Illinois healthy; and

WHEREAS, the operation of the thousands of water and wastewater systems in the State of Illinois is a vital cog in the mission of public health; and

WHEREAS, there are nearly 6,200 of these individuals in the State of Illinois as well as a vast support network of professionals who tirelessly work daily to keep the state’s potable water and waterway’s safe; and

WHEREAS, this industry which has its roots in the 19th century and is constantly evolving to meet environmental challenges and regulatory requirements, and is thereby vital to the citizens of the State of Illinois,

Now therefore I, Pat Quinn, Governor of Illinois, do hereby proclaim March 17-23 to be Water and Wastewater Operator’s Week in Illinois, and urge all Illinoisans to be aware of the important role of water and wastewater operators in our daily life.

Markko observed, “It's nice to have some recognition in a field that is overlooked by most of the public.” That recognition helps move the clean-water profession toward achieving the status of the fire chief.


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