3 Reasons Why You Need Our E-Newsletter

Find out what you're missing if you haven't signed up for TPO e-newsletters

I have an email account just for e-newsletters and email promotions. Some days, I just give up organizing it because one can only read so many “Save 20% If You Buy Now!” emails in a day. That said, there are always a handful of emails — the ones I really love, the ones I signed up for because I was so interested in the company, magazine or content — that I routinely open and read as I sip my morning cup of coffee. 

That’s how you’ll feel about the Treatment Plant Operator e-newsletter. Here are three reasons why you should subscribe, and if you already receive our e-newsletters, why you should sit back and enjoy the content (and maybe share it with a colleague). 

1.     Made-to-order content

The e-newsletters I read fit me. They’re about things I care about, enjoy learning about or am involved in. Every newsletter that we create for you is packed full of things relevant to your career and your business. You’ll get links to exclusive online stories that are not in the print magazines. Sometimes, you’ll find blogs from the editors about recent events. You’ll also read interesting profiles or research articles about cutting-edge technologies. Industry news? You got it. Every time we send an e-newsletter to your inbox, we make sure its full of content and articles that are relevant to you. 

2.     Product showcase

If there’s a new product in the industry, we’ll let you know about it. As part of your e-newsletter subscription, you’ll get product listings that coincide with each print issue. We’ll send you updates on new products, new technologies and links to manufacturers in your field. We sort through tons of press releases to bring you only what’s relevant to your profession. 

3.     Stay a step ahead (for free)

The best part about e-newsletters is they are free. They’re probably the cheapest way imaginable to stay current in your industry and remain relevant and competitive. 

Every day, we’re sorting through news and information just for you. So take a few minutes, sign up, and then watch for your first TPO e-newsletter. We know you’ll enjoy it. 

Also, please add us to your contacts once you receive an email. That way, the important stuff — like all those industry updates — won’t end up in your junk email.


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