Inventor looks at using worms to process biosolids

Process called vermistabilization said to produce Class A material

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The NV Daily in Strasburg, Va., reports on a resident’s projects to stabilize biosolids by feeding it to redworms. Resident Jerry Scholder has been feeding the worms biosolids from the Front Royal Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The worms eat the organic matter in the biosolids, digest it, and excrete a cleansed casting in a process Scholder calls vermistabilization (visit Scholder says the castings supply nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in a time-released, soluble form. The castings also aerate the soil, Scholder claims. The end product, he says, is essentially a Class A biosolid.

The newspaper reports that Scholder is lobbying the town to let him do a pilot project using his worms at the wastewater treatment plant. At present, the Front Royal plant is exploring a $4 million auto-thermophilic aerobic digester to produce Class A biosolids.



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