New Receiving Station Protects Facility From Problem Septage

Before installing its new septage receiving station, 18-Mile Creek Upper Wastewater Treatment Plant had very little protection from unknown debris entering the plant when haulers off-load.

The plant is the central location for six facilities managed by a seven-person staff. Though the facilities do not exceed 1 mgd, they are designed so the staff conducts operations in a very hands-on manner.

The plant reports that in the time the RoFAS Septage Drum and WAP Washpress have been operating, they’ve processed many septage loads without issue. This is important for the plant because, regardless of the confidence they have in their haulers, they must protect themselves from that one who may dump a problem load. 

Download the case study below to read more about the new receiving station and how it resulted in decreased maintenance for the plant staff.

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