Chiquita Water Sees Great Results After Disk Thickener Replaces Gravity Unit

When Chiquita Water Reclamation Facility in California's Santa Margarita Water District began planning and implementing a series of upgrades and improvements to the facilities, the staff conducted evaluations of various mechanical thickening technologies to replace an existing gravity thickener. After careful evaluation, the Huber Technology RoS2S Disk Thickener was selected. The design of the new thickener at Chiquita is located on the edge of the existing gravity thickener, which lets the thickener output be conveyed from the thickener to the storage tank by gravity. After two years operation, the plant reports the RoS2S Disk Thickener is consistently producing a 5.5 percent DS average with an ~0.6 percent DS average feed.

Download the case study to read more about the RoS2S Disk Thickener's performance.

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