Reduce Wastewater Treatment Costs with an On-Site System – TumbleOx Bioreactor

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Reduce Wastewater Treatment Costs with an On-Site System – TumbleOx Bioreactor

The TumbleOx MBBR from Parkson is an attached growth, fixed film process with a unique media design that allows wastewater to be aerated without the use of blowers. The media is housed in a slowly rotating mesh drum that carries the media in and out of submergence. The cup-shaped media continually lifts and discharges the liquid through the media bed, providing consistent transfer of atmospheric oxygen to the wastewater. High DO levels are achieved with a single 1.0 hp drive unit per drum. Media contact within the drum also prevents buildup so an active biofilm is maintained.

The process is a nonactivated sludge alternative ideal for lagoon effluent ammonia removal, industrial pretreatment, small municipal and industrial BOD and ammonia removal applications, and treatment of sludge dewatering return flows. Systems can be provided as individual drums for installation in site-built tanks, or as three-drum factory assembled units.     

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