Achieve High Effluent Quality with the AquaSBR Sequencing Batch Reactor

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Achieve High Effluent Quality with the AquaSBR Sequencing Batch Reactor

Since 1986, Aqua-Aerobic Systems has installed more than 1,200 AquaSBR Sequencing Batch Reactor systems worldwide in a variety of applications ranging from a few gallons per minute to thousands of gpm.

The AquaSBR is an activated sludge process that cycles through all the treatment phases of treatment in a single reactor. The system operates in a True Batch treatment mode to achieve only the highest quality effluent. The standard controls strategies are optimized to manage varying flow rates based on known and changing flows and loadings commonly experienced in industrial applications. The featured Aqua MixAir system minimizes the energy consumption, equalizes the loading within the reactor, and optimizes biological nutrient removal.

The time-based controls of the AquaSBR provides flexibility of operation, allowing for full control of the environment. Combined with advanced process control, such as the IntelliPro Process Management System, operation of the system is enhanced with passive or active control, comprehensive trending and data analysis.

In addition to the process advantages the AquaSBR offers a small footprint and components that are accessible and easily retrieved from the side of the basin. 

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