Huge Upgrades Will Help Humboldt Accommodate Chicken Plant Wastewater

Jane Leatherland, supervisor for Humboldt (Tennessee) Utilities, walks viewers through treatment plant operations and big upgrade plans

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Humboldt (Tennessee) Utilities’ wastewater treatment plant is undergoing a $25.5 million upgrade that will move it from a trickling filter contact solids plant at 2.6 mgd to a sequencing batch reactor capable of 5 mgd to help accommodate a chicken processing plant moving into the area. “We’ve been very fortunate to have a new industry come in that’s going to put about half a billion dollars into the infrastructure around here,” says supervisor Jane Leatherland.

Join Leatherland in this online exclusive video as she talks through a detailed blueprint of the plans and takes viewers on a tour of plant operations, including a close-up look at a grit conveying and dewatering system by WesTech. “That will remove things like coffee grounds, sand, grit and all the heavier elements that we really don’t want going into the SBR and into our pumps.”

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