Wipe Out the Problem of ‘Flushable Wipes’

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So-called “flushable wipes” seem to be anything but. When the wipes make their way into a treatment plant, they have a knack for finding places to cling together and cause clogs. Handling these wipes before they can cause any harm is increasingly important as the marketing efforts of “flushable wipes” manufacturers continues to gain traction. 

How do you handle flushable wipes? 
Standard nonclog pumps may come to mind when dealing with tough solids but in order to make sure that the wipes won’t cause any harm, they will need to be broken down. By installing a reliable, heavy-duty chopper pump, flushable wipes are broken into smaller, more easily pumped pieces. 

Watch how these flushable wipes stand up against a Vaughan chopper pump.


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