Reliable Fine Screening with Maximum Separation Efficiency

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The Drum Screen LIQUID from Huber Technology is a horizontal drum screen system that uses a stainless steel mesh with 300-micrometer openings to separate solids and capture carbon. The stainless steel mesh is resistant to aggressive fluids, water and acids. The mesh has a long life and can therefore be very economical. To ensure safe and long-lasting operation, a 6 to 8 mm bar screen and grit trap should proceed this unit.

During a two-year research project at three test sites, it demonstrated throughput capabilities of 475 to 1,110 gpm. Additionally, the unit uses a high-pressure spray bar to clean the mesh, so no chemical cleaning is required to sustain throughput. Throughput is also not affected by fats, oils and grease in the influent. It averages 71% total suspended solids removal with no chemical addition. With chemical addition, TSS reduction can reach 88%. 

The HUBER Drum Screen LIQUID is available in different designs and suitable for numerous applications of solids/liquid separation. Depending on the specific application requirements the horizontal drum is covered with a mesh, wedge wire or perforated plate and is suitable for channel or tank installation.

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