Explore a Multimedia Virtual Showroom for Wastewater Pumping and Shredding Technology

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Explore a Multimedia Virtual Showroom for Wastewater Pumping and Shredding Technology

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Vogelsang’s virtual showroom offers an all-around view of shredding and pumping solutions for wastewater collection and treatment. From a 360-degree perspective, visitors experience pumping, shredding and disintegration technologies for use in sewers and sewage treatment plants. They get to know the products interactively via various touchpoints. 

Beyond the brochure

Not only does the virtual showroom present the entire wastewater product portfolio in a digital 3D space, but it also provides a variety of other content. View product videos and animations or access additional materials such as brochures and technical information. 

“Vogelsang felt it was important to provide a digital supplement to help bring our products to the customer,” says Todd Sledzik, marketing manager at Vogelsang USA. “Multimedia content such as videos and animations show our solutions in action and complement the digital product experience.” 

Products include: 

  • VX and IQ rotary lobe pumps – reliable positive displacement pumping for the full range of sludge applications, scum, FOG, septage, digester and dewatering feed, and more. 
  • XRipper grinders – for robust solids reduction; see all three assembly types, including XRP for in-pipe applications, XRC for channels and lift stations, and XRG for large high-flow channels. 
  • RotaCut – inline macerators with heavy solids separator for pump protection and sludge conditioning. These units reduce wipes and fibrous materials, while capturing bolts, rocks and other heavy solids.

View the showroom for North America: vogelsang.info/en-us/markets/wastewater/virtual-showroom

Internationally: vogelsang.info/int/wastewater-showroom

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