Thickening Upgrade for Increased Odor Control on Gravity Belt Thickener

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Thickening Upgrade for Increased Odor Control on Gravity Belt Thickener

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The Glens Falls WWTP was previously using a DAF thickener to thicken the WAS at the plant. The DAF thickener provided only limited odor containment, was energy intensive and had been showing its age with increased maintenance costs. The plant decided to start looking at new technologies to meet their thickening needs. They ultimately decided on an enclosed gravity belt thickener (EGBT) from BDP Industries.

The EGBT is totally enclosed from top to bottom. The top of the machine features stainless steel hoods with clear Lexan sliding windows that are easily removed without any tools. The hoods allow operators a clear view of the process for quick and easy optimization of the machine. The bottom of the machine features a plate frame and bottom filtrate pan that ensures all process materials are contained in the unit. The filtrate lines are all piped directly into the floor drain.

This thickener provides significant solids containment while also providing excellent performance. The EGBT at the Glens Falls plant produces TWAS at 6-7% solids with minimal energy and polymer usage. The EGBT also includes an automatic plow lift feature and an automatic washdown system. The EGBT is able to perform its own washdown, without the need of a water hose or an operator. The automatic plow lift raises each plow to clean off any solids that might have collected on them. The plow lift is then lowered back to the operating position. The self-cleaning showers can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times to keep the machine clean. The showers can also be programmed to turn on when the plow lifts are raised to completely clean all components.

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