Tired of Paying to Landfill Organics with Your Grit? Hydro GritCleanse Can Help

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Tired of Paying to Landfill Organics with Your Grit? Hydro GritCleanse Can Help

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Hydro International’s Hydro GritCleanse combined grit washing and dewatering system produces clean, dry grit with a fraction of the organic content produced by conventional screw classifiers. The system is specifically engineered to maximize retention of fine grit particles achieved only by the HeadCell and Grit King Advanced Grit Separation technologies. Combining the GritCleanse with Hydro’s high-efficiency grit removal technologies allows owners and engineers to rely on one single supplier to support them from design through the entire equipment life cycle.

An improved access configuration and fluidization water injection system improvements significantly eases routine maintenance. A revolutionary new inlet configuration optimizes the boundary layer contact to improve capture efficiency and increase fine particle retention. The Hydro GritCleanse is built to last with more durable materials and more robust drive motors to prevent major repairs and extend the life of the product.

With less than 5% volatile solids in grit output and guaranteed capture of 95% of all grit particles 75 micron and larger, the Hydro GritCleanse is the fluidized bed grit washing system you have been waiting for. With a capacity of up to 800 gpm, the Hydro GritCleanse is built to handle your flows.

To learn more about the numerous benefits your plant will realize with Hydro GritCleanse washing and dewatering visit hydro-int.com/en/products/hydro-gritcleanse.

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