Lovibond TB 350 WL Portage Turbidimeter

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Lovibond TB 350 WL Portage Turbidimeter

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The Lovibond TB 350 WL portable turbidimeter offers simplistic operation combined with intelligent instrument engineering to provide an unparalleled level of accuracy in turbidity measurement. Ideal for field and environmental testing, this instrument delivers the most reliable measurements for low range to high range samples without sacrificing accuracy. Featuring the patent-pending Multipath 90-degree BLAC sensor technology, the optical system is engineered with dual detectors to deliver a ratio reading that mitigates common measurement stability issues. The intuitive, touchscreen interface makes it easy to perform procedures and interpret results. This user interface helps eliminate common frustrations and prevents errors. The data logging capabilities allow you to record the testing location, operator’s identification, time and date along with the measurement. Stored data can be transferred to a computer via USB. It is EPA compliant for reporting purposes, and all units are supplied ready-to-use with sample cells, silicone oil and calibration standards in the carrying case. 941-756-6410; www.lovibond.com


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