Hydro GritCleanse – Now with Higher Unit Treatment Capacity

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Hydro GritCleanse – Now with Higher Unit Treatment Capacity

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The Hydro GritCleanse fluidized bed grit washing and dewatering system retains fine grit while producing clean, dry grit. Hydro International’s installation base for this product has been growing exponentially since it was introduced to the wastewater community. As the system is increasingly specified throughout North America, Hydro International has listened closely to client requests to help make the system more suitable for their specific project’s needs.

Larger projects require innovative thinking. When multiple primary grit removal units are required, the cost of grit dewatering systems can impact the budget. By combining the underflow from two primary grit removal units to one dewatering unit there can be significant cost and space savings. Many designers will use cyclone concentrators to accommodate this need but cyclones are notorious for plugging and excessive wear. By increasing the hydraulic capacity of the grit washer, the need for cyclone concentrators (and the associated problems) can be eliminated. Hydro International now offers multiple GritCleanse sizes to address these needs. Sizes with a hydraulic capacity of up to 800 gpm with the same performance as the smaller system are now available. The larger flow range makes the Hydro GritCleanse the ideal grit washing and dewatering solution for an even wider variety of plant conditions and treatment applications.

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