How to Avoid Hidden Grinder Maintenance Costs

‘They give away the razor but get it back in the blades’

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How to Avoid Hidden Grinder Maintenance Costs

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When it comes to most twin-shaft grinders, the ugly truth is the costs pile up in the form of repairs and replacement bills. When gathering quotes for grinders, organizations may find a wide range of prices. But average service intervals, downtime during repairs and cost of replacement parts need to be calculated along with price.

Ontario’s Ashbridges Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant discovered this the hard way, and made a change that not only improved its operation, it positively affected its bottom line.

The facility had continued trouble with its twin-shaft grinders. They were installed in a high-grit application in the city of Toronto's main sewage treatment facility. The plant treats the wastewater produced by some 1.4 million of the city's residents and has a capacity of 818,000 cubic meters per day. As a result of the high grit, the twin-shaft grinder units they were using required thousands of dollars of refurbishment each quarter. A city representative said, “We looked at our current grinder as ‘They give away the razor [grinder unit] but get it back in the [cost of replacement] blades.’”

The city was looking for a better solution, and Vogelsang accepted the challenge.

Through their local representative, Directrik, Vogelsang replaced the expense-incurring grinders with XRipper XRC 186 Series twin-shaft grinders, utilizing the existing rail system and control panel so no system changes were required.

The system has been installed for over a year and has required no repairs.

The Ashbridges Bay superintendent explained the decision: “We have had Vogelsang pumps in our facility for years and have found them to be one of the most reliable products in our plant. It looks like we will have the same success with the Vogelsang XRipper Twin-Shaft Grinders. These things never break.” 

XRipper wastewater grinders from Vogelsang match or outperform competitors in key performance categories. The XRipper also comes with a two-year, 100% parts and labor warranty. This warranty allows customers to count on two years of fixed operational costs, plus service and support covered directly by the manufacturer.

Learn more about replacing your existing grinder for the cost of a repair.

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