HeadCell Grit Removal – The Best Choice for Those Who Value Performance

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HeadCell Grit Removal – The Best Choice for Those Who Value Performance

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Of all the grit removal systems on the market, HeadCell leads the pack in customer satisfaction, and there are plenty of reasons why. Operators enjoy the industry-leading performance, no maintenance-intensive moving parts, and no electrical needs. These factors significantly reduce operating costs and result in a low-maintenance grit separation system.

HeadCell does what it is supposed to do: protecting the entire wastewater treatment plant from grit deposition and abrasion. Operating entirely hydraulically, the system doesn’t have any moving parts that could unexpectedly break down. With unmatched performance, reliability and durability it is no surprise that plants that have installed it are delighted to have one less piece of equipment to worry about.

Consulting engineers appreciate the unique flexibility allowed by the numerous configuration options the system provides through varying tray sizes and number of trays. This flexibility allows the HeadCell to seamlessly fit into their larger project layout. This flexibility often allows the HeadCell to use existing channels and tankage and minimize footprint, which reduces construction, concrete and contractor costs — all of which lead to significant total project cost reductions. Engineers understand the inherent simplicity and elegance of a design based on thoroughly vetted hydraulic and geometric principles rather than gimmicks like “magic” baffles or untested, overcomplicated designs. With scores of successful performance tests by independent third-party companies, consultants know that HeadCell performance is tested, tried and true. The HeadCell is a product that will reflect their company’s integrity and can be confident that it will exceed their client’s expectations.

To learn why HeadCell is the grit system of choice for so many discerning engineers and treatment plants visit hydro-int.com/en/products/headcell.

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