​Upgrade Your Plant Management With Operational and Process Control Software

​Upgrade Your Plant Management With Operational and Process Control Software

Operator10 from AllMax Software

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Dive into a new era of water and wastewater treatment management with cutting-edge operational and process control software. From centralizing vast pools of plant data to automating regulatory reporting and offering predictive analytics, solutions like those below are shaping the way water utilities operate. Gain unprecedented control over your facility with real-time data tracking, customizable dashboards and tools designed to optimize every aspect of plant efficiency.

AllMax Software Operator10
Operator10 from AllMax Software provides a central database for all of a plant’s operational and process control data. Users have the ability to manually enter data, pull data directly from SCADA and/or import data from LIMS programs. Built-in tools allow for regulatory reporting/electronic submittal, custom report creation, graphing, process control calculations, built-in formulas (mean cell residence time, sludge volume index, food-to-microorganism ratio, etc.), easy customizable data entry sheets, customizable user dashboards, a full audit trail and a biosolids module. Users benefit from easy access to historical/current plant data, decreased time on monthly reporting, better overall data management and improved plant efficiency. 800-670-1867; www.allmaxsoftware.com

XiO Water Systems Acuity Hub 
XiO Water Systems’ data services and analytics solution enables water utilities to gain valuable insights from their data and optimize operations. Real-time data can be extracted from existing SCADA systems, stored in the cloud, and made available through the Acuity Hub cloud-based portal. It provides a suite of solutions designed to provide system-wide visibility, automate regulatory reporting and track equipment performance. Acuity Analytics will help limit leaks and equipment failures by detecting abnormalities in behavior and immediately notifying operators. Additionally, the portal provides a way to monitor and control multiple systems from a single dashboard and establish digital twins to improve efficiency through asset management and predictive modeling. 415-462-1300; www.xiowatersystems.com


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