Mini Analyzer Helps Plant Fine Tune Sodium Bisulfite Use

A case study at the South San Francisco-San Bruno Water Quality Control Plant shows how a ChemScan mini Sulfite Analyzer helped streamline dechlorination

Mini Analyzer Helps Plant Fine Tune Sodium Bisulfite Use

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Problem: Dechlorination equipment at the South San Francisco – San Bruno Water Quality Control Plant required frequent maintenance and experienced drift and persistent fouling. Plant operators overfed sodium bisulfite to ensure that treated water was thoroughly dechlorinated before release into San Francisco Bay, making bulk chemicals one of the plant’s top five expenses.

Solution: Plant leaders chose the ChemScan mini Sulfite Analyzer for its large blockage-resistant sample tubing, internal self-cleaning, simple field-adjustable calibration and low cost of ownership. 

Result: The analyzer’s reliability took the guesswork out of dechlorination and reduced sodium bisulfite usage, saving $53,000 per year. 800-446-7488;


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