Treatment Plant Operator Exam Study Guide Answers

Here are the answers to the March 23, 2023 edition of TPO's Exam Study Guide:

What piece of laboratory equipment is used to determine settleable solids?

The answer to the question is C, Imhoff cone. The settleable solids test is used to measure the volume of settleable solids in a one liter of sample over a one-hour period. It is an indicator of how much solids will settle in a clarifier or pond. It is read as milliliters per liter. The Imhoff cone is made of plastic or glass and is the proper piece of equipment to perform this analysis. It should not be confused with a settleometer which is used to measure settling of mixed liquors in an activated sludge process. Understanding laboratory processes and equipment in the treatment process is essential for proper operation of wastewater treatment facilities.

What gallon per-minute-flow can an operator expect if the bonnet on a fire hydrant is painted blue?

The correct answer is A, 1,500 gpm. Fire hydrants serve two main purposes, fire protection and water system maintenance. Typically, hydrants are inspected annually and flow tests are performed every five years. Inspections ensure the unit is in good working order and flow tests help uncover infrastructure problems in the distribution system. Flow tests also help with designing fire sprinkler systems for commercial buildings. Painting the bonnet of a hydrant identifies the approximate flow in gpm: Blue, 1,500-plus; green, 1,000 to 1,499; orange, 500 to 999; and red, less than 500 gpm.


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