Bioremediation with Micro-Solve Solves Foaming Issue at a Texas WRRF

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Bioremediation with Micro-Solve Solves Foaming Issue at a Texas WRRF

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Problem: The initial-stage aeration basins at the Cuero (Texas) Water Resource Recovery Facility, receiving approximately 1 mgd of wastewater, have developed a high-density foaming issue that has been around for months and has spread to basins 2 and 3. Through process of elimination operators identified that the primary cause is not related to a filamentous bacterium but is a result of the buildup present in the master lift station and on the water surface throughout the basins themselves.

Objective: To decrease the amount of foam at the water resource recovery facility.

Solution: One gallon a day or 1 ppm of Micro-Solve bioremediation solution from EGSW, alternating and splitting the dosage between the master lift station’s two wet-wells and the three aeration basins in the initial stages of the WRRF. The Bubbler mixing unit will be added to help increase the rate of bioremediation in wet well No. 1 of the master lift station.

Result: Adding mixing and oxygen in the lift station has given Micro-Solve the ability to work at an increased rate and has allowed operators to take a percentage of the allotted dosage for the lift stations and move it to the aeration basins. This was done in an effort to assist with the density of the existing foam on the water’s surface in the aeration basin. The density, color and odor have significantly improved. Most important, there is an exponential increase in the microbial population.


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