New Monster Wash Press is Ready to Grind, Wash and Compact Your Toughest Screenings

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New Monster Wash Press is Ready to Grind, Wash and Compact Your Toughest Screenings

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JWC Environmental continues its industry leadership in management of headworks screenings with the release of its new Monster Wash Press. JWC is building on its legacy of innovation of screenings washing, compacting and dewatering technologies by providing a system that will cost-effectively deliver the cleanest and driest screened debris of any washer-compactor system.

The Monster Wash Press features a Muffin Monster grinder to pre-condition screenings before they enter the wash zones. The grinder effectively shreds rags, plastics and trash, which promotes removal of soft organics and fecal matter from the screened debris during washing. Once screenings enter the wash zone, cleaning is further enhanced by a patent-pending rotor paddle. The rotor paddle agitates shredded material to improve diffusion of spray wash water throughout the shredded screenings for even better rinsing of the soft organics out of the screened solids. 

The end result of the shred and wash systems of the Monster Wash Press is that organics are returned to the wastewater treatment process while the inorganic solids are compacted into a dry plug and discharged into a collection bin. Additionally, by thoroughly removing soft organic and fecal materials from the screenings, the odors in the headworks area are significantly reduced.

JWC Environmental has further improved on washer/compactor technology with some key maintenance features. The system is now designed with a removable 6 mm screening element to allow for easy field change-out and replacement. Additionally the auger rotor and field replaceable screen can be removed via the top of the unit instead of having to slide it out the end. This design feature minimizes the clearance space required around the Monster Wash Press installation to perform maintenance activities.

Finally the Monster Wash Press is designed to give owners options on how the unit can be configured. While including the Muffin Monster grinder provides the highest level of washing performance, some budgets do not allow for the technology. The Monster Wash Press can be configured for purchase without a grinder initially and allows for easy upgrade in the future. A Monster Wash Press without a grinder will still include a spacer for the grinder and the control systems will be designed for a “plug and play” upgrade. This makes upgrading the system with the addition of a Muffin Monster a simple task in the future.

In 2000 JWC Environmental first revolutionized screening management in the wastewater industry by bringing together its Muffin Monster grinder and a compaction and dewatering system. This product became the Screening Washer Monster that went on to win a Water & Environment Federation Innovative Technology Award in 2001. The new Monster Wash Press has now reset the standard for washer-compactor technology in the wastewater industry.

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