The Blue-White Difference: Continuous Innovation to Meet Customer Needs

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The Blue-White Difference: Continuous Innovation to Meet Customer Needs

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Blue-White Industries, located in Huntington Beach, California, was founded by Ozzie King, who at the time had a successful construction business in Los Angeles. The company was incorporated in 1957 and is still owned and operated by Ozzie King’s heirs including his grandson, company president and CEO Rob Gledhill.

What began as a company with four permanent employees now boasts a workforce of over 100 individuals, as well as a worldwide network of representatives and service centers. The company was built on a cornerstone of core values that still stands today: quality, service, performance and innovation.

A team of top-notch engineers coupled with the latest equipment and the constant pursuit of innovation enable Blue-White to offer a full spectrum of quality products.

Included in those product lines are the ProSeries-M dosing pumps. They have been meticulously designed and engineered to meet the very specific needs of municipal water and wastewater treatment.

The Proseries-M line includes Flex-Pro peristaltic dosing pumps. Three models M-2, M-3 and M-4 are offered to meet the critical demands of small, mid-size and high-volume treatment plants. These units meter precise amounts of water and wastewater treatment chemicals and include a host of features and options and are NSF61 listed. 

ProSeries-M Chem-Pro diaphragm-type metering/dosing pumps include the MD-3 hybrid double-diaphragm pumps. The MD-3 dual-diaphragm pump provides smooth near continuous flow, mimicking the best performance traits of peristaltic pumps, particularly at low feeds. MD-3 provides excellent chemical resistance and long service life and is NSF61 listed. 

The New ProSeries-M MS-6 chemical feed sensor uses the latest ultrasonic technology to accurately measure chemical output from dosing pumps. It offers a broad flow range of 0.158 to 158.5 gph and low-pressure drop under 1 psi. MS-6 is NSF61 listed.

New CHEM-FEED lightweight plastic skid systems feature a drop-in-place design fully loaded with all the top quality components you’d expect. Units are available in one or two pump configurations.

Additional Blue-White products include: variable-area flowmeters, digital paddle wheel insertion style flowmeters, mechanical diaphragm metering pumps, and compact FLEXFLO peristaltic metering pumps for systems serving small populations.

Blue-White is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

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