Product News: January 2020

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Zurn Industries 20XL pressure reducting valve
The 20XL Pressure Reducing Valve from Zurn Industries is designed to reduce high-inlet pressure on potable water lines. Its short lay length and compact design ensures ease of installation in residential or commercial applications from new construction to replacement. The balanced stem design enables the valve to react in a smooth and responsive manner when changes to system flow occur. The composite cartridge and bell housing deliver superior strength and corrosion resistance. The stainless-steel strainer screen catches debris, while the cartridge ensures easy repairs. The 20XL is available in 3/4- and 1-inch sizes with versatile connection options. 814-875-1252;

ADS Environmental Services ECHO ultrasonic monitors
The ECHO from ADS Environmental Services has a 20-foot dynamic measurement range in an 8-inch pipe. It provides for total manhole visibility, and introduces stabilized, near-top-side mounting. It is located just under the manhole cover, making installation easy with no manned entry. For reliable connectivity, the ECHO now features communication via the LTE-M network which is designed and optimized for the Industrial Internet of Things. It’s cloud-based software and advanced analytics platform provides fast, easy access and insights into the collections system’s behavior. 800-633-7246;

FEBCO ArmorTek advanced coating system
ArmorTek advanced coating system from FEBCO, a Watts brand, adds a layer of protection to its ductile iron backflow preventer valves. Three layers of protection create an effective barrier, increasing resistance to corrosion. First, an anti-corrosion primer slows the spread of corrosion should the metal substrate become exposed from wear or impact. Secondly, ArmorTek’s formulation inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes microbial-induced corrosion, limiting the growth of tubercles that can clog or foul downstream equipment. And lastly, the robust topcoat is designed to bond to the primer below, providing a high-strength barrier between the iron substrate and water. 800-767-1234;

FCI - Fluid Components International wet gas MASSter sensor
FCI - Fluid Components International’s optional wet gas MASSter sensor for the ST80 Series flowmeters delivers accurate, repeatable gas flow measurement in the presence of more moisture and condensation droplets. The sensor configuration features a mechanical design that shunts moisture, condensation and water droplets away from the thermal flow sensor, maintaining an accurate gas flow measurement while minimizing errors that could occur from a cooling effect on the sensor that might cause a spike or false high reading. The MASSter sensor option can be used in applications that have either moisture entrained in the gas (annular mist) or for protection against down the pipe rain in larger, vertical stacks. 800-854-1993;


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