Maximizing Mixing and Energy Savings

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Maximizing Mixing and Energy Savings

Pit mixing is a dirty job, but someone — or something — has to do it. As treatment plant operators know, the absence of pit mixing leads to thick sludge and difficult-to-pump slurries. To solve this problem, some chopper pump manufacturers offer mechanical hydraulic mixing systems. For example, the Vaughan Company’s Rotamix system pairs a chopper pump and a set of high-velocity nozzles to mix the tank while handling any tough solids. The result is a homogeneous-state pit.

The system’s mixing power is supplied by fixed nozzle assemblies installed at a factory-specified angle and permanently tightened so no additional adjustments are required. These high-velocity nozzles increase the effective mixing volume by inducing entrained fluid that significantly increases the overall mixing effect. The nozzles also create a “dual zone” mixing pattern that combines uniform and vortical flow fields. In a uniform flow field, the entire contents rotate as a solid unit with the highest velocity at the outside. In a vortical flow field, fluid velocities are the greatest at the center, thus creating a vertical-axis vortex. With dual-zone mixing, average velocities are higher and steadier, preventing solids from settling in the center.

At the heart of a Rotamix system, the Vaughan chopper pump breaks down all incoming solids prior to pumping. In the mixing pit, the chopper pump continuously chops solids in order to eliminate nozzle clogging, enhance sludge quality and increase mixing efficiency by further reducing solid sizes and increasing surface contact.

Why choose this system?

Beyond the mixing benefits that the Rotamix system brings to your treatment plant, the creators of the Rotamix system, Vaughan Company, specialize in durability. As the originators of the chopper pump, and with more than a half century of experience, you benefit from the company’s commitment to providing outstanding service and the most dependable products in the world. By combining cutting edge technology with a history of unmatched pump durability, Vaughan pumps and pump systems are engineered to handle whatever your job requires.

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