How to Unsettle Floor Debris

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How to Unsettle Floor Debris

Many chopper pumps are equipped to remove solids and sludge from the surface of a tank. However, more often than not, solids can end up accumulating on the floor of a tank. Keep material off the floor and back in the mix with the Vaughan Floor Washer System.

The patent pending Floor Washer System uses a glass-lined ductile iron nozzle and a stainless steel splash plate located above the nozzle to deflect the discharge and create a broad spray of sludge, which wets and breaks up solids forming on the floor of the digester. The inverted splash plate spreads material flow out across a floor in a fairly wide path to wash settled grit, sand or debris into a sump where it can be pumped out by a dewatering chopper pump. The Floor Washer System is particularly useful for attacking deposition problems in combined sewer overflow tanks, storm collection tanks, equalization tanks, lift stations and influent channels.

The Floor Washer nozzle, mounted below liquid level, may be mounted near the tank periphery and aimed radially inward toward the tank center. Alternatively, the spray nozzle/deflector may be mounted at or near the tank center and aimed radially outward at the tank outer wall. As the tank contents rotate above the spray nozzle, any contents present will be resuspended by the evenly dispersed spray pattern from the Floor Washer. When used without a Vaughan Rotamix mixing system, multiple Floor Washers may be evenly distributed around the floor of the tank to provide digester floor solids accumulation. The size of the spray pattern will be controlled by the velocity of the fluid flow from the nozzle, and one style of spray deflector will be suitable for all flow rates.

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