How it Works: Rotamix Hydraulic Mixing

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How it Works: Rotamix Hydraulic Mixing

The Rotamix is a hydraulic mixing system that incorporates several basic principles of physics and hydraulics, including uniform and vortical fields of flow, induced flow and surface contact. Combined, these concepts create a mixing system that optimizes homogenization and pumping of treatment plant contents.

Uniform and vortical fields of flow
Combining both uniform and vortical fields of flow creates an efficient “dual-zone” mixing pattern. In a uniform field of flow, the entire contents rotate as a solid unit with the highest velocity at the outside. In a vortical field of flow, fluid velocities are the greatest at the center, thus creating a vertical-axis vortex. The Rotamix system combines both uniform rotation (outer vortex) and a vertical-axis vortex (inner vortex), creating unique dual-rotational “zones.” To provide the necessary power for dual-zone mixing, the average velocities of the nozzles are increased for a steadier, consistent flow; this additional power also prevents solids from settling in the center of the vortexes.

Induced flow
High-velocity nozzles increase the effective mixing volume by inducing entrained fluid which significantly increases the overall mixing effect. These same high-velocity nozzles induce flow over a long distance to generate an overall mixing effect over a large volume. The induced flow from these nozzles create a mixing field that is not limited by the size or volume of the pit.

Surface contact
The Vaughan chopper pump is the heart of Rotamix. These centrifugal pumps continuously chop all incoming solids prior to pumping in order to increase the surface contact and mixing efficiency of the system. The incorporation of a chopper pump optimizes the consistency of the fluid and sludge which eliminates nozzle clogging to ensure system durability.

Why choose this system?

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