Product News: December 2018

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LMI LIQUITRON 7000 Series metering pump controller
The LIQUITRON 7000 Series controller provides multiparameter monitoring and control for metering pumps used in boiler feed, cooling tower, industrial and municipal water treatment applications. The pumps are designed to be backward compatible, facilitating drop-in upgrades for most existing uses. They feature a 7-inch full-color touchscreen and an intuitive user interface offering seamless setup and operation in five different languages — English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Portuguese and French. The 7500 Model has an embedded 4G/LTE cellular modem for connection to the LMI Connect, Smart Monitoring Services. 800-564-1097;

Endress+Hauser RSG45 Advanced Data Manager
The Memograph M RSG45 Advanced Data Manager DIN Rail version from Endress+Hauser is an intelligent remote device with extensive communication abilities, ideal for IoT applications and use as an edge device to get data to cloud-based servers. It can acquire data from up to 20 HART or universal analog input channels and 14 digital inputs, has two analog outputs and up to 12 relay outputs. Interfaces and protocols include 4-20mA HART, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Ethernet TCP/IP, USB, RS-232C/RS485 and OPC.  It also has an embedded web server that can be accessed by any web browser via the internet once proper security procedures are followed. The Memograph M mounts on a standard DIN rail and is powered by standard 24-volt DC or 230-volt AC power supplies. 888-363-7377;

Kaeser Compressors CBS screw blower
The CBS screw blower packages from Kaeser Compressors deliver 93 to 448 cfm and pressures up to 15 psig. The blowers feature the Sigma Profile air-end and high-efficiency gear-drive technology and are available in both STC (wye-delta start) and SFC (variable-frequency drive) for energy performance and reliability. The CBS blowers are shipped completely assembled with high-efficiency motors, inlet filters, silencers, integral starters/drive and a full complement of sensors. The fully soundproofed enclosure is designed so that maintenance access is in the front and process connections on are the back for space-saving side-by-side installation. 877-414-3527;

Hayward Flow Control PVDF Y-Check Valves
Hayward Flow Control’s YC Series Y-Check Valves in natural PVDF is ideal for extreme corrosive media or sensitive media systems and higher-temperature services. The valve is available in either threaded or IPS socket fusion molded-in end connections. The piston is made from PVDF material and FPM O-ring seals are standard. Sizes include 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch. All sizes carry a rating of 150 psi nonshock at 70 degrees F. Maximum service temperature is 240 degrees F. 888-429-4635;

CUES remote evaluation diagnostic inspection kit
The CUES REDI pipeline inspection troubleshooting kit is designed to help diagnose electrical issues, allowing for quicker and more accurate definition and repairs of problems while in the field. The kit features a high-resolution web camera for two-way video conferencing with CUES to expedite troubleshooting and parts identification. It also features a diagnostic test box for easy access to the TV cable conductors via test points, and a built-in mini-camera to send video back through the TV cable and truck. 800-327-7791;

HUBER Grit Trap GritWolf
HUBER Technology’s Grit Trap GritWolf compact grit and grease removal system uses aeration to remove the grit from the wastewater flow while also capturing grease to keep floatable particles from settling or overflowing in downstream treatment systems. It consists of an aerated chamber and a separate unaerated chamber. With a deep flow approach and a lamella separator, it removes 90 percent of grit grains 75 µm and larger. The system is available in different sizes for flow rates from 1 to 20 mgd and requires much less space than conventional systems. The system can be integrated into existing grit trap chambers. The horizontal grit conveyor, the lamella packages and the paddle system for grease removal are made from corrosion-resistant material. 704-949-1010;

Flottweg Xelletor decanting centrifuges
The Xelletor decanter centrifuges from Flottweg uses a deeper liquid pool inside the centrifuge, translating to greater volume and higher throughput. To enable the deeper pool, the scroll that removes the settled solids from the centrifuge uses a tubular space frame design instead of the traditional solid scroll body. This reduces the shear force applied to the flocculated feed, reducing breakage of the floc and enabling an average 20 percent reduction in polymer consumption. In addition, the deeper pool moves the solids discharge closer to the axis of rotation, reducing energy consumption. Xelletor centrifuges are offered in three models with a total throughput range of 50 to 525 gpm.  859-448-2331;

Nidec vertical frame motors
The TITAN II WPI and WPII 449 frame vertical motors from Nidec Motor are available in HOLLOSHAFT and solid shaft constructions. The 449 lower bracket has been redesigned to allow stiffer attachment of the motor to the pump head, raising its reed critical frequency by 12 percent on average. Multiple P-base options of 20, 24.5 and 30.5 inches enable alteration of the RCF for the best variable-speed pumping system design to stay out of the resonance region. The output has also been increased to 500 hp. In addition to the redesigned WPI 449 frame, a new WPII 449 frame is well suited for indoor or outdoor use. 888-637-7333;

Danfoss VACON HaxLo AC Drive
Danfoss’ VACON X5 HazLo AC drive is designed with safety-yellow-colored metal covers to protect against bumps and misuse or full stainless steel enclosures. Because there is no additional box in which to place the drive, cooling is not an issue. The drives are available in frame size T3 and T4 for applications from 40 to 100 hp. They are designed to keep operating in harsh environments and are built from the ground up to survive tough conditions while remaining simple to use. They are certified for Division 2 hazardous locations. 800-432-6367;

Lystek Thermal Hydrolysis Processing Unit
The Thermal Hydrolysis Processing unit from Lystek International is a low-temperature, low-pressure mobile system that is capable of rapid installation. It is designed to operate within two vertically stacked 50-foot containers and requires minimal, external utilities. It can produce a Class A quality biofertilizer product and is an alternative source for carbon for biological nutrient removal systems. The unit will be available for installation as a permanent solution in smaller scale facilities where the operating parameters and capacity of the unit can be matched to processing needs, or it will be leased for shorter terms to address challenges requiring time-sensitive solutions. 888-501-6508;


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