New at WEFTEC: Flottweg Launches New Design in Decantering Centrifuges

New at WEFTEC: Flottweg Launches New Design in Decantering Centrifuges

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Flottweg showcased the Xelletor decanter centrifuge, which uses innovative technology to improve dewatering performance, reduce polymer consumption, save energy, and maximize capacity.

The key to the device’s dewatering performance is a deeper liquid pool inside the centrifuge, translating to greater volume and higher throughput.

The deeper pool enables production of solids that are drier on

average by two percentage points (for example, 27 percent versus 25 percent for conventional technology.

To enable the deeper pool, the scroll that removes the settled solids from the centrifuge uses a tubular space frame design instead of the traditional solid scroll body. This significantly reduces the shear force applied to the flocculated feed, reducing breakage of the floc and enabling an average 20 percent reduction in polymer consumption.

In addition, the deeper pool moves the solids discharge closer to the axis of rotation, reducing lower the energy consumption by about 20 percent. This is in addition to a feature of the company’s basic design that reduces energy consumption by directing the liquid discharge to help rotate the bowl. That yields an additional 25 percent savings, for an overall 45 percent reduction in energy consumed.

Xelletor centrifuges are offered in three models with a total throughput range of 50 to 525 gpm.


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