What Makes Vaughan Company a Leader in Chopper Pumps?

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What Makes Vaughan Company a Leader in Chopper Pumps?

Looking a little younger here, Jim Vaughan (far right) and Larry Vaughan (far left) pose for this early-1960s photo with interested customers in front of one of Vaughan’s original products, an Easy-Way. 

Q: How did Vaughan get started making chopper pumps?

A: Vaughan Company’s roots are in the dairy manure industry during the 1950s. Founder Jim Vaughan owned a modest weld shop in the small town of Elma, Washington. Jim spent countless hours repairing clogged manure pumps for the local farmers. Existing designs could not handle the material that was making its way into the waste stream, and Jim knew he could solve the problem. In 1960 Jim invented his first chopper pump and bought his first manufacturing facility in 1961. Almost 60 years later, Vaughan Company is still making incredibly reliable chopper pumps and providing unique solutions for farmers, treatment plant operators and other pumping professionals.

Q: What sets Vaughan apart from other chopper pump manufacturers?

A: Every Vaughan product is made in the U.S.A. As a family-owned small business, Vaughan Company cares about every customer need, and provides the highest level of customer service. After so many years in business, Vaughan Company has significant experience in the industry and has taken every lesson to heart. 

Q: In what ways do Vaughan customers benefit from doing business with a family-owned company offering made in the U.S. products?

A: Every customer is the No. 1 priority. Each application is as unique as the individual working on that project. Every product is of unique importance to each customer, so each product is created to work as hard as the men and women operating those products. As a small business, Vaughan Company understands the importance of excellent customer service focused on each customer’s need.  

Q: Company founder Jim Vaughan is said to have frequently asked, “What could make this better?” How does that philosophy guide the company’s work today?

A: Research and development is the centerpiece of Vaughan Company’s business.  With each project, there is a lesson to learn. To maintain its position in the industry, Vaughan Company takes full advantage of cutting edge technology. With the use of in-house 3-D computer modeling, each component casting is created with precision for an exact fit. Vaughan also analyzes flow patterns and velocities within each pump via computational fluid dynamics in order to find new ways to maximize performance. 

Q: What do you think customers would most be surprised to learn about the Vaughan Company?

A: Vaughan Company is a family owned business that is currently into its third and fourth generations of the Vaughan family who actively work at the facility in Montesano, Washington, including 12 direct descendants of Jim Vaughan.

Established in 1960 and located in Montesano, Washington, Vaughan Company is an industry leader in reliable chopper pumps and mechanical hydraulic mixing systems. With more than half a century of experience, Vaughan Company remains committed to giving its customers outstanding service and the most dependable product solutions in the world. Find your reliable pumping solution by calling 360-249-4042 or by visiting www.chopperpumps.com.


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